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Vocab 2 CJW


to astonish étonner
it seems il paraît
shop le magasin
pile, stack, lot le tas
to prevent empêcher
to type, beat, beat down taper
pet le chouchou
delete, wipe, rub off effacer
table, blackboard, drawing, canvas le tableau
first, firstly d'abord
the right (direction or like human rights) le droit
joke la blague
no kidding, no joke sans blague
ah, here, well (slang) tiens
to hold (in hand), keep in place tenir
to shout, cry out crier
to weep pleurer
cheating la triche
to complain plaindre
to kill tuer
to tell, recount (a story) raconter
hiccup le hoquet
to rub, scrub frotter
to be severe with sévir
to lend prêter
to throw (to) jeter à
to squint loucher
to laugh rigoler
butter le beurre
butter fingers les mains de beurre
otherwise sinon
to risk risquer
mouse la souris
trap le piège
lard le saindoux
to hide, conceal (+19 synonyms!) cacher
to reflect, ponder, consider réfléchir
hiding place la chachette
to take, carry away emporter
to dare oser
to put down, lay poser
altar le autel
to start ... a noun (start on a bottle, start a book etc) entamer
sure, safe, dependable sûr
sponsor, godfather le parrain
youngest (child) petit dernier
spot (animal's), stain la tache
to take, keep, hold, fulfil tenir
of course bien sûr
sweet, mild, gentle, smooth doux
to bustle about, hasten, hurry s'empresser
to creep, crawl, slither ramper
to lick lécher
the fat, grease, flab la graisse
to take for a walk promener
the rooftops les toits (m)
to lengthen allonger
to lie down s'allonger
lips, chops (licked his lips) les babines (f)
to remember se souvenir
to stroke, fondle caresser
curtly, sharply séchement
to retort rétorquer
worse pire
godchile le filleul
to feel se sentir
to smell sentir
to beg supplier
collar la collerette
to slip (away), slide, slither, run, skid, drag glisser
wall, dyke le mur
insert, introduce, enter introduire
to empty, drain, eject (+20) vider
half la moitié
commend, congratulate féliciter
feat, exploit le exploit
then, at that time lors
when (...he got home) lorsque
similar, such, equal, alike pareil
to bet, wager parier
to delay tarder
again de nouveau
paw la patte
hair (body, facial or animal) le poil
to be born naître
century le siècle
to trot trotter
they stick in my head ils me trottent dans la tête
pigtail, braid la natte
to confine, lock up enfirmer
amazing, surprising, remarkable étonnant
quarrel la brouille
slipper la pantoufle
Created by: chris_uk_83