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American gov test on

what is the ability to get other people to do what you want to them power
who gets power and resources in society and how they get power and resources with no violence in return politics
a system or organization for exercising authority over a body of people government
power that people recognize as legitimate authority
market determines production, distribution, and price decisions capitolism
the state determines production, distribution, and price decisions; property is government owned socialist economy
government that vests power in the people democracy
the concept that the citizens are the ultimate source of political power popular sovereignty
a government in which decisions are made through representatives of the people republic
author of federalist papers james madison
Created a confederacy giving power to the states articles of confederation
called for ratification of constitution federalist papers
arrangement that assigns judicial, executive and legislative powers separation of powers
allows each branch of government to exercise control of others checks and balances
the provision for the constitution to be changed amendability
ended segregation brown v board of education
not allowed to have quotas on accepting different races in schools affirmative action
says that equal rights ammendment should cover women too 14th amendment
supported by law , segregated restrooms, easy to combat de jure discrimination
tradition or habit, neighborhoods, hard to combat de facto discrimination
if you are illegally searched by police the evidence can not be used exclusionary rule
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