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surprise history qui

challenges since independance -civil war that ended w/ making bangladesh -war with pakistan over kashmir -nucleur weapons race w/ pakistan -multiple terrorist attacks
civil disobedience the refusal to obey unjust laws
Pakistan muslim country that split off from india after WW1
Kashmir indian state that didnt want to join india or pakistan
bangladesh the country formed after after east pakistan declared independence from pakistan
mohandas k. ghandi popular indian leader who protested british rule using civil desobedience
jawaharlal nehru india's first prime minister after it gained independence
what was the result of the massacre of Amritsar it made the indian people want independence from britain more
what 2 countries gained independence from britain? myanmar and malysia
who fought to control vietnam? france
what side did the U.S support in the vietnam war? south vietnam
Ho Chi Minh a communist leader who formed the vietnamese to drive out the japanese
why did the u.s decide to help the french in vietnam we wanted to stop the spread of communism in asia
which countries in africa gained independence before 1960? egypt, libya, moroccco, and tunisa
name the leaders and their countries that won independence in africa south of the sahara kwanie nkrumah-the gold coast& ghana jomo kenyaeta- kenya, ahmed sekou toure- guinea
pan africanism the unity of all black africans
apartheid a system of value that seperated racial and ethnic groups and limited the rights of blacks
nelson mandela leader of Anc who was arrested in 1962
Created by: lucybelle