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chapter 31

the legacy of ancient greece

GREEK CONTRIBUTIONS TO MODERN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE english grammer,punctuation,and paragraphing are all based on greek writing and literature. they also invented drama and comedy for plays
GREEK CONTRIBUTIONS TO MODERN GOVERNMENT in greek, thier government was when all citizens voted on every issue.today, we elect representitives to speak and make laws for us
GREEK CONTRIBUTIONS TO MODERN MEDICINE The earliest greeks thought that illnesses were punishments from the god.a greek man named hippocrates changed the way people thought about health and medicine
GREEK CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE MODERN UNDERSTANDING OF THE BODY Greeks thought that cutting people open would offend the gods. they discovered that the heart was a pump that sent blodd flowing and that the brain was the center of the nervous system
GREEK CONTRIBUTIONS TO MODERN MATHEMATICS Geometry comes from a greek word that means to measure land.one famous greek mathematition is pythagoras and the other is euclid
GREEK CONTRIBUTIONS TO MODERN ASTRONOMY astronomy comes from the greek word star.the greatest astronomer is hipparchus.he studied and names more than 850 stars
GREEK CONTRIBUTIONS TO MODERN GEOGRAPHY geography comes from the greek words meaning whriting about the earth.a great geographer named ptolemy, he wrote a book called goegraphy that had over 8000 places
GREEK CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE MODERN UNDERSTANDING OF PLANTS AND ANIMALS Aristotle was fasinated with living things.he put the plants and animals he studied into groups separate from eachother
GREEK CONTRIBUTIONS TO MODERN ARCHITECTURE the word architecture comes from a greek word that means master builder.greek buildings are used today like schools, churches,libraries, and museums.
GREEK CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE MODERN THEATER The greek word theater means a viewing place.greek actors wore masks that showed the charactors they played
GREEK CONTRIBUTIONS TO MODERN SPORTS the first olypics were held in 776 bce to honor the god zeus.pentathlon is a greek word that means five contests
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