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All French Verbs

Abaisser to lower, reduce, humiliate, or humble
Amener to bring, lead
Accepter to accept
Amuser to amuse
Acclamer to applaud, cheer
Announcer to announce
Accompagner to accompany
Appeler to call, name
Accorder to grant
Apporter to bring
Accrocher to hang up
Approcher to approach, come near
Accuser to accuse
Approuver to approve of
Acheter to buy
Arracher to pull up or out
Achever to achieve, complete
Arreter to stop, arrest
Admirer to admire
Arriver to arrive
Adorer to worship, adore
Assister to assist
Addresser to address
Assurer to assure, guarantee
Agacer to annoy, pester
Attire to attract
Aider to help
Attraper to catch
Aimer to like, love
Augmenter to increase
Ajouter to add
Avancer to advance
Baisser to lower
Balancer to balance
Balayer to sweep
Bavarder to chat
Blamer to blame
Blesser to harm, hurt
Bouger to move
Brosser to brush
Bruler to burn
Chenter to sing
Charger to load, charge
Chasser to hunt
Chercher to look for
Chuchoter to whisper
Commander to command
Commencer to begin
Comparer to compaer
Compter to count
Conseiller to advise, counsel
Cacher to hide
Continuer to continue
Casser to break
Corriger to correct
Causer to cause
Coucher to go to bed
Ceder to yield
Couper to cut
Cesser to cease
Creer to create
Changer to change
Crier to shout
Danser to dance
Dechirer to rip, tear
Decider to decide
Dejeuner to have lunch
Demander to ask
Donner to give
Demeurer to reside
Douter to doubt
Depenser to spend
Deranger to bother, disturb
Desirer to desire
Dessiner to draw
Detester to detest, hate
Detourner to turn aside
Developer to develop
Diminuer to diminish
Diner to dine or have dinner
Discuter to discuss
Echapper to escape
Entrer to enter
Echouer to fail
Envoyer to send
Ecouter to listen
Epouser to marry
Effrayer to frighten
Eprouver to try
Egayer to amuse, entertain
Esperer to hope
Elever to raise
Essayer to try
Embrasser to kiss, embrace
Essuyer to wipe
Emmener to lead
Etonner to amaze
Empecher to hinder
Etudier to study
Employer to use, employ
Evaluer to evaluate
Emprunter to borrow
Eviter to avoid
Encourager to encourage
Excuser to excuse
Enlever to carry away
Exiger to demand
Ennuyer to bore
Expliquer to explain
Enseigner to teach
Exprimer to express
Entrerrer to bury
Feliciter to congratulate
Fermer to close
Fonder to establish
Forcer to force
Fouiller to go through
Frapper to knock, hit
Fumer to smoke
Gagner to win
Grader to guard, keep
Gater to spoil(as in children)
Geler to freeze
Gener to bother
Gouter to taste
Gratter to grate, scratch
Greler to hail(weather)
Grimper to climb
Gronder to scold
Habiter to live(in)
Hesiter to hesitate
Imposer to impose
Indiquer to indicate
Insister to insist
Interroger to interrogate
Inviter to invite
Jeter to throw
Jouer to play
Juger to judge
Jurer to swear
Lacher to let loose
Laiser to let
Lancer to hurl, throw
Laver to wash
Louer to praise, rent
Manger to eat
Manquer to miss
Marcher to walk
Mener to lead
Meriter to deserve
Mirer to aime
Monter to go up
Montrer to show
Nager to swim
Neiger to show
Nettoyer to clean
Nier to deny
Nommer to name
Obliger to oblige
Occupier to occupy
Oser to dare
Oublier to forget
Persuader to persuade
Peser to weigh
Placer to place
Plaisanter to joke
Pleurer to cry
Porter to wear
Poser to put
Posseder to possess
Pousser to push
Preferer to prefer
Preparer to prepare
Pardoner to pardon
Presenter to present
Parler to speak
Presser to press, squeeze
Passer to pass
Preter to lend
Patiner to skate
Prier to pray
Payer to pay(for)
Prononcer to pronounce
Pecher to sin
Prover to prove
Pecher to fish
Puer to stink
Penser to think
Quitter to leave
Rouler to roll
Raconteur to tell
Ranger to set in order
Rapeler to call again
Refuser to refuse
Regarder to look(at)
Regretter to regret
Remarquer to remark
Remercier to thank
Remplacer to replace
Recontrer to meet
Rentrer to re enter
Reparer to repair
Repasser to iron, pass again
Reperter to repeat
Reprimander to reprimand
Ressembler to resemble
Rester to stay, remain
Retirer to draw(out) again
Retourner to returen
Rever to dream
Sauter to jump
Sauver to save, rescue
Secouer to shake
Sojourner to sojourn
Sembler to seem
Separer to separate
Serer to grasp
Siffler to whistle
Signaler to point out
Signer to sign
Songer to dream, think
Sonner to ring
Souffler to blow
Souhailer to wish
Souiller to dirty
Sucer to suck
Supplier to beg
Supporter to hold up
Survoler to fly over
Telephone to telephone
Tenter to tempt
Terminer to finish
Tirer to fire(a gun), pull out
Tomber to fall
Toquer to rap(on a door)
Toucher to touch
Tourner to turn
Tousser to cough
Traiter to treat(someone)
Tracailler to work
Traverse to cross
Tricher to trick, cheat
Trouver to find
Tuer to kill
Tonner to thunder
Utiliser to use
Venger to avenge
Verser to pour
Visiter to visit
Voler to fly, steal
Voyager to travel
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