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histMrs.Shad mohith2

Plebians one group out of two; bigger group; farmers, tradespeople and craftworkers
Patricians smaller seond group; members of Rome's Noble families; owned large farms and had plebians work for them
Livy historian; believeds plebians rebelled against patricians around 450 B.C.
Republic Rome's new government; means "public thing" in Latin, Rome's language. In a republic citizens choose their leaders
Representatives people who acted for someone; citizens of Rome elected them to run government
Senate oldest and most powerful branch of republic; determined how Rome would act toward other governments; controlled by Rome's patricians
Tribunes representatives of the plebians; leaders of citizen assemblies; elected by assembly
Consuls could order anyone to be arrested; also ellected by assembly; served one year as Rome's army commanders and most powerful judges
Twelve Tables a new collection of laws written on twelve bronze tablets
Carthage a powerful empire that controls Sicily; got mad when Roman soldiers landed on Sicily aand started Punic War
Punic War Rome vs. Carthage war; first Punic War; comes from Latin Word "Phonecia"
Hannibal Carthinigan General Hamilcar's son; Hamilcar made Hannibal swear to be an enemy of Rome forever
Scipio Africanus in Rome, 25 year old general was elected consul; led army which defeated Hannibal near Carthage at the battle of Zama in 202 B.C.; made Rome most powerful in Mediterainian
Romulus and Remus twin brothers that founded Rome in 753 B.C.
Created by: momo5100
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