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Laboratory Exams

ASO Titre Strep antibodies (rapid strep test)
Acid Phosphatase Prostate Disease
A/G Ratio Albumin/Globulin ratio reversed in Multiple Myeloma
Alkaline phosphate elevated in blastic bone disease/liver disease
Amylase/Lapase Acute Pancreatitis
ANA Collagen Diseases (all Sero +) SLE; butterfly rash Scleroderma tight shiny skin systemic; Polyarteritis Nodasa Sjogren; dry eye; difficulty swallowing RA; ulnar deviation
Bilirubin Direct- Liver, GB, pancrease Indiret - Liver, spleen, drugs, fever
BUN Increase -Kidney disease Decrease - Liver disease
Calcium 9-11mg Increase - Hypercalcemia (Hyperparathyroid/hyper D)(Bone Cancer) Decrease - Hypocalcemia (Hypoparathyroid/hypo D)
Cholesterol 120-200mg/dl 200-239 Borderline 240 + Higher risk Increase - DM, pregnancy, atherosclerosis Decrease - Liver disease, malnutritioin, anemia
CEA Cancer
CPK (creatine) Tissue destruction
Creatinine Best kidney test
CRP C-Reactive Protein Inflammation (acute, arterial inflammaion)
ESR aka Westergrin ESR 90 100 110; Inflammation (0-20 normal) (Temporal Art, MM, Pyogenic Osteomyelitis
Flu Swab Influenza
GGT/GTT GGT = Liver cirrhosis/GTT = Diabetes Mellitus, Hypoglycemia
HCG Pregnancy
HLA B-27 Enteropathic arthropathies (sero -) Uc, Crohn's, Reiter's, As, Psoriatic
Ketones Increase with DM
LDH Lactate dehydrogenase; which is present with tissue destruction
Lipids Atherosclerosis
Mono Test EBV; Mono test will show atypical lymphocytes such as downey cells, and Paul Bunnell cells
Phosphorus Is where calcium isn't
Potassium (electrolytes) Increase -Addison's renal failure Decrease -Diuretics, vomit, diarrhea
Protein Electrophoresis MM; (5 albumin groups, see gamma globulins)
Protein (Blood) Increase - Hyperproteinemia (MM); Decrease - Hypoproteinemia (kidney)
PSA Prostrate
RA Latex RA
SGOT (AST) Heart destruction/liver disease
SGPT (ALT) Liver disease
Tine TB (Mantoux and PPD)
T3/T4/TSH Thyroid disease
Triglycerides Increase - liver disease, alcoholism, MI pancreatitis, renal disease (males 40-60) (females 35-135)
Uric Acid Gout, kidney
ELISA/Western Blot AIDS (T-Cell count)
Bone Panel consist of: first patient presents with Deep Boring Pain; Panel consist of: calcium, phosphorous, alk. phos. (acid phos)
Arthritis Panel Consist of: RA latex, uric acid, HLA -B27, ANA, ESR and decrease ROM
Kidney Panel Consist of: U/A, BUN creatinine, albumin, globulin, uric acid
Cardiac-Ischemia (CRP) Panel Consist of: CPK-MB, SGOT,(AST), LDH, Patient presents with PAIN
Cardiac- Risk (CRP) Panel Cosist of: Cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose and Patient presents with FATIGUE; here you want to be thing fats and sugars
Hepatic Panel Consist of: SGPT, SGOT, LDH, bilirubin, GGT albumin/globulin, GTT, triglycerides
Rigid Abdomen Consist of: (pancreatitis, appendicitis) and paralytic illeus; with CBC with diff, amylase/lipase
SMAC/Metabolic Panel Serological Multiphasic Analyzer Computerized; the panel is a series of test; (blood chemistries) from the sample of blood. The selection of tests is pre-programed into the machine and the results are plotted on a graph against the normal values.
Created by: all4adream
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