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World Dance

Armenian Miserlou Armenia. Line. W hand hold. Touches and Grapevines.
Canadian Barn Dance Scotland. Double circle, ptrs facing LOD. Low V handhold. Schottishe, two-step.
Cumberland Square Cumberland, England. Four couple square. Slide, walk, skip, Rida.
Da Mi Dojdes Macedonia. "So that you will come to me." Open circle facing LOD. W hand hold. Walk, Cukce.
D'Hammerschmiedsg'selln Germany. "the journeyman blacksmith." Clapping sequence, circle, star. Step hops.
Doudlebska Polka Czech Republic. Mass formation. Polka, walk.
Jacob Hall's Jig U.S. Contra dance. No contact. Active and Inactive couples.
Komletro Norway. Mixer. Double circle, ptrs facing LOD. Promenade position. Easy run.
Korobushka Russia. "Little Basket." Double circle, ptrs face each other. 2 hands joined waist height. Schottische, bokazo, balance, walk. Fists on hips. Good posture.
Kosa. Ukraine. Double circle, ptrs face each other. No contact. hands on waist, fingers FWD. toe-heel, prytubs, houbchuk.
La Bastringue Quebec, Canada. Gathering, festival, or ball. Single circle facing cntr. Walk, two-step, buzz turn (arm extended).
La Raspa Mexico. Kicking step and walk.
Road to the Isles Scotland. Double circle, ptrs facing LOD. Varsouvienne hand hold. Point, grapevine, schottische.
Salty Dog Rag U.S. Double circle ptrs facing LOD. Promenade position. Schottische, HL step.
Yibanei Hamigkdash Israel. "And the Temple Shall Be Rebuilt."Single Circle facing center. Hands held in low V. Walk, two-step, Yemenite.
Costumes: Necessity factors Location, Climate, Occupation, History, Gender.
Costumes: Symbolism factors Ritual or Religion. State or country.
Costumes: Decoration factors Individual representation. Celebration and splendor. Props.
Arnold's Circle England. Double circle ptrs facing. No Contact. Walk, Balance, Buzz turn.
Bucimis Bulgaria. Lines. Front Basket Hold. 15/16 meter. Step, bounce, stamp, HL side & front, scissor. Bend fwd from hips.
Corrido Mexico. Double Circle, ptrs facing. Closed position. Step-close, grapevine, walk, SOLDADO, cross step & turn.
Debka Shachar (know translation) Israel."Dance of the Dawn." Lines facing LOD. Low V handhold. Debka grapevine, step-hops, two-steps, drops, yemenite, stamps. Bouncing.
Mona's Festvals Sweden. Waltz. Single circle facing cntr. Lady right side of gent. No contact. Meter 3/4. Balance, progressive turn. Chain & arch. Couples Waltz. Waltz step.
Saurlaender Quadrille Germany (Village of Neheim-Husten). Square. No contact. Peek-a-boo. Right. Crossover. R-hand star. Grand Slam. Neheimer step.
Somogyi Karikazo (Always move to the Left) Hungary. Circle Dance. Women-single circle. Front basket hold. R over L. Men=T-hold. Meter 6/8. Swaying (12). LEPO. Individual R turn. CZARDAS STEPS-step togethers. Cifra then Cifra hold (balances). Closed rida. Lepo, czardas, cifra, rida, Hls together.
Sweets of May (know translation) Ireland. "The pleasure or joys of May." Square. W handhold. 7s & 3s, chorus, promenade, chorus, arches, chorus, thread the needle, 7s & 3s. 7s & 3s. Skip-change-of-step.
Tokyo Dontaku (know translation) Japan. "Tokyo day-off." Done at feast "O-Bon" to welcome home for a visit the spirits of departed ancestors. Single circle facing LOD. No contact. Walk. Knees together.
Created by: punkaloo
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