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Soc Finals

Medici Family Nobles in Florence Started banking company Had people make art
Dante Alignier His girl = beatrice wrote the Divine Comedy
The Divine Comedy Written by Alignier About The Inferno(hell), Purgatorio (the in between), and Paradiso (heaven) written "in the vernacular" (native language)
Franesco Petarch Promotes Renaissance/ Renaissance man Addicted to learning Inspired by Dante--> write love sonnets to Laura = fame
Giovanni Boccaccio Firends with Petarch Wants to revive love of learning HIs girl = Fiammetta= Little Flame= probs not real Wrote the Decameron
The Decameon WRitten by Boccaccio 100 stories by 10 poeple humor & individuality of characters humanism
Niccolo Machiarelli Philosophy of "how to rule" Wrote The Prince Hes an ass
The Prince Writen by Machiarelli Do whatever you have to do to hold onto your power as a leader Dont be a good person, be a good leader
Giotto di Bondone Fresco 3D looking art with colors, earth, capture the moment, human emotions
Brunelleschi *GESSERT LIKES* reneissance man figured out dome--> Church has faith in human ability linear perspective (vanishing point, illusion)
Masaccio 1st to make painting using lienar perspetive formula Drew The Holy Trinity
The Holy Trinity father, son, holy ghost. akk god, jesus, dove life size illusion Made by Masaccio
Donatello 1st to make sculpture that pops completley has weight human face made David
David (1) Donatello made for the Medici 1st fre standing nude. ontraposto = s shaped body weak and passive instead of greek abercrombi body
Sandro Boticelli hired by meidici made BIrth fo Venus for meidics daughters wedding.
Birth Of Venus Made by Boticelli super scandalous 1st non sinner naked woman ofeending to Christians. naked mary wants to have sex. but thats on purpose cuz of neo-platoism
Girolamo Savonarola preacher that says world going to end gains supporters cuz of Syphilis and 1500= end timw :o persecutes homosexuals and prostitudes Bonfire of Vanities 1500 comes so hes excommunicated, arrested, tortured, hung dead, and body set on fire.
Leonardo Da Vinci Mona Lisa The Last Supper
Chiaroscuro use of light & shadow
Sfumato smoky lines
Micelangelo PMS. raised by Medici NEo plaonism The pieta David The Sisitine Chapel--> Creation of Adam
The Pieta Virgin Mary w/ dead Jesus Micelangelo
David (2) artwork to celebrate freedom in florence (irony) body is BAMN. can do anything eve w.o god. graceful pose but virile body. terribilita Micelangelo
The Sistine Chapel "I sculpt not paint" Told to paint by pope Creation of Adam glorify beauty of man = glorify god Micelangelo
Raphael Sanzio extremley likeable (even by Micelangelo) Madonna of the Meadow School of Athens
Madonna of the Meadow Raphael Sanzio.
School of Athens Fsmous greek thinkers depicted by modern artists Raphael Sanzio
Johann Gutenberg Printing Press
Gutenberg BIble First printed book made entierly by movable type.
Bonfire of teh Vanities Savonarola
Ontrapasto s shaped
Jesus Born in Bethelehem Mom is Mary Messiah of Christianity HOemtown = Nazareth baptized yb JOhn the Baptist trained to become carpentar
Roman Governor Pilate Chief priset goes to him because he was threatened by the power of Jesus.asks for Jesus to die. so he is crucified.
Disciples ppl the followed/ were taught by Jesus
Paul spread jesus's teachings easy cuz of pax romana (roads etc) common language. greek and latin
Jentiles non jews
Diaspora spread of because of no more promised land. forced migration.
Martyrs people who die for belief
Constantine Dream of battle. Cross caem up. Paint on shield. they WIN battle. Leads to edict of Milan illegal to prosecute
Edict of Milan Christianity is ok in Rome.
Theodosius Christianity is official religion
The new Testament aboust Jesu7s Life and teachings not part of Jewish text sperate Jewish from Chrstianity.
Council of Nicaea Decides whats part of the bible
Bedouins nomadic. tavel in clans.
Ka'aba temple built by Abe. in Mecca
Muhammad marries Kadijah hears voice of Gabe at Mt.Hira Wrote THe Qur'an
Kadijad cougar that marries Muhammad
The Qur'an Collection of Muhammad's writing that Gabe told him to write.
Hadith Book about Muhammads life & teachings
Allah God of Islamic
Islam you submit will of Allah, you will have peace the concept.
Muslim one who has submitted. the person.
The Hijrah escape from Mecca --> Medina where e gets a bunch of followers
The Five Pillars Faith Prayer Alms Fasting Pilgrimage
Faith (The Five PIllars) There is no GOd but Allah and Muhammad is teh messenger of Allah
Prayer (The Five Pillars) pray 5 times a day toward mecca. @ mosque
Alms (The Five Pillars) all muslims are responsible to support less fortunate. alms =relious tax for poor.
Fasting (The Five Pillars) MONTH of Ramadan. fasting= reminder spiritual > physical needs
PIlgrimage (The Five Pillars) everyone performs Hajj aka pilgrimage to mecca at least once. wear identical garments = stand as equal before allah.
Abraham founder
Yahweh only god od Judaism
Canaan land promised from god
Gabriel angel that stops Abe from sacrificing his son
Jacob 12 tribes. unites all tribles
Moses leads Jewish ppl out of egypt
The Exodus Jewish leaving egypt
The Ark of the Covenant container for commandments
Thr Trah Jewish bible
The Talmud instructions 4 how to act
The Ten Commandments (Jewish) Set of rules to folow for Yahewehs protection
Saul drives Phillistine out of territoy
David (judaism) Establish capital (jerusaleum)
Solomon builds temple where they put Ark
Huang He River Yellow River in China
Chang Jiang River Yangtze River in China
Han Chinese 92% of China
Xia Dynasty started gov projects for flood contorl & irrigation
Sang Dynasty first written records. Oracle Bones
Oracle Bones foturne telling about future
Zhou Dynasty longest dynasty. Mandate of Heaven established
Mandate of Heaven dyanstic cycles. heaven said its okay to be ruler. roads and canalas. coin $. blast furnaces for weapons and tools. warring states period.
Confucius 5 basic relationships we have with each other. Filial Piety. Bureaucracy.
5 basic relationships we have with each other. 1. Ruler and Subject. 2. Father and Son. 3. Husband and Wife. 4. Older Bro and Younger Bro. 5. Friend.
Daoist & Natural Order Laozi. be one with nature. made advnacements in: medicine, astonomy, science.
Laozi possible exited. wrote Dao De Jiah akak the Way of Virtue.
Legalists and Harsh Rule super hard government. Fear. punish anyone that disrupts harmony. (including writing)
I Ching throw coins. fortune telling.
Yin and Yang. Everything is opposite. Find harmony =understand opposites. Yin= dim.
Qin Dynasty Shi Huandi
Shi Hunagdi strongest leader of warring states period. goal= unite China. establish autocracy. strengthening trunk and weakening the branches. standardized everything: writng,coins,axels on a cart, rads have standar width. terracott army.
autocracy head of gov has total nd abolsute control.
Han Dynasty foundation of china today (han chinese) bureaucracy.paper, collar harness, silk
Sui dynasty 水. great canal= trade north and south. cuz river only goes east nd west.
Tang Dynasty Empress WHu Zhao. battle of talas
Empress WHu Zhao frst woman actualy named empress
Battle of Talas lose land to muslims. so ther are muslims in asia today
Song Dynasty attacked my Manchu Jin Dynasty. lose norh. south = economic base.
Tang & Song Advancements woodblock printing (moveable type), mechanical clock, gunpowder, porcelain,papermoney,magnetic compass,math, agriculture, sea trade, poetry& art
Nomadic Clans of the ASian Steppe keep it small. fight to portect clans. horss.
Genghis Khan dady killed my tartar. so Temujin kills tartar. Temujin --> genghis Khan= universal ruler. biggest empire ever cuz he lvoes to conquer.
GEnghis Khan battle tactics. Organization fo army (romans), battle strategies, terror tactic (assyrians). used hroses to xtreme advantage --> stirrups
Khanates Genghis divides up emipre into Khanates.
MOngols in Peace Pax Mongolica
Kublai Khan leader of khanate. grandson of genghis. takes over korea. kamikaze. Marco Polo. spent too much on luxury.
Marco Polo amazed in asia. brings back stories to europe. no one belives him. they find out its true.
MIng Dynasty came after Yuan dynasty
Middle Ages 500-1500
Pope Greogry role of church --> army. tithes.
Charles Martel aka the Hammer. Franks. advisor to Major Domo. Battle of Tours = stops muslim explansion
Charlemagne lovessssss war.every summer. "holy roman emperor"
Fiefs King*Vassal,Noble,Lords*Knights*Landless Peasants
Freeman peasant tht can leave.
Serfs pesants that come with the land.
Homage Pledge to fight for king.
Fealty pledge loyalty in exchange for land. fealty= loyalty.
Manor 商店街
Life of Pesants no river = no fertilization. taxes (1/2 crops goe to lord), 10% to tithes. malnourished but they want to go to heaven so they keep doing stuff.
Page starting age 7. errand boy for knight.
Squire age 14. personal assistant to knight.
Knight age 21. discover saddles and sitrrups. tournaments. jousting. chivalry. courtly love.
The Seven Sacraments go to heaven =have thse administered to you by pope
Cannon Law Church laws. follow to go to heaven
interdict no followers can get sacraments (= cant go to heven)ultimate punishment
excommunication cant have sacraments.
Romanesque Cathedral short, small windows.arch
Gothic Cathedral high up (cloe to heaven), pointy.
Alexius Cmmenus tells Christiants that holy land (jerusaleum) is being taken over because he feels theatend by expansion of muslim. so distrat them wih war.
Pope Urban II agress with "holy war" against muslims. tells ppl to go fight
Why go to Crusades? religous. king/noble.merchants.lower classes. others
Peter the Hermit normal guy who pulled together ragtag group to fight for crusades. but alexus shud have waited bu he doesnt like him so he goes. nd totally owned by Saracens (islamic soldiers)
First Crusade 1099. win jerusaleum. trade -> open up ->education -> renaissance. but lost contorl of jerusaleum
Second Crusade Saladin (Muslim Leader) owns.
Third Crusade Kings Crusade. PHilip II. Barbarossa. Richard the Lion Hearted. others go away. just richard. muslims keep jerusaleum. but chirstians cancome.
Fourth Crusade basically just merchants. only go to constantinople and just loot.
Children's Crusade 2 of them.
Anglo-SAxons Anglo + saxons
NOrmans of danish descent.
Harold Godwinson anglo saxon fight for throne of england
Willam of Normady fights for throne of england. sucks up to pope. gets throne. william the bastard --> william the conqueror
BAttle of hastings battle between harold nd william
KIng Henry II married to Elanor of Aquatine. suggest thomas becket as archbishiop. theratened by pope.
Thomas Beckett not even priest. accepted. herny plans to rule the church through him. but he turns religious. flees. excommunicates some of herny"s supporters
Richard the Lionhearted mommys boy. absent king. lil bro is jon
John (Middle Ages) john lackland. john soft sword. Magna Carta.
Philip IV fought against pope. makes all pope stuff french. leads to great schism.
The Great Schism 3 popes. church loses power.
Joan of Arc Battle of Orleans.
Hundred Years WAr long bow. end of chiavlric warfare.
Henry VI right to throne of france
Charles VII charles vs henry for throne.
Anonintment in reims more official
Abraham founder of judaism
Yahweh god for judaism
Canaan land promised from yahweh to jewish ppl
Jacob and 12 Tribes tribe of judah unties the other tribes.
The Exodus moses leads jewish ppl out of egypt
Mt.Sinai where ppl pary until god gives ten commandments
Ten Commandments the new covenant
The Ark of the Covenant container for commandments
The Torah Jewish Bible
The Talmud how to life life as a good jew.
Saul drives Philistine out
David ( judaism) establish Jerusalem as capital
Solomon builds temple where they put ark
People who attack take over Canaan Assyrians -> Babylonians -> Cyrus (Persians) -> Greek (Alexander) -> Rome
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