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S.S Renaissance

What was the cause of Italys population becoming more urban more people in city;more customers for artists;more money for art;--->more disscosion and sharing ideas about art
renaissance "rebirth"
secular when people were more interested in the world than religion and getting to heaven
Florence most important citystate in italy
Venice important citystate
why did the renaissance start in Italy? center of roman empire;had remains of ruins and art;became wealthy through bamking but trading first....divided into city states which made compotition
Marco polo merchant from vencie who went to China
Medici florences richest family;were bankers who have banks as far as london
how did florence and the medici family become so wealthy? at first florences wealth came from trading cloth and especially wool. then am naking which made people very wealthy. thats how medici became wealthy;through banking
ancient works become popular in the 1300s, italians began to study roman and greek words
changes in literature during renaissance educated people wrote in "pure" latin,(the latin used in ancient rome)
the printing press spreads ideas the printing press was a key to the spread of humanist ideas through europe
how did humanism affect society humanist scholars study greeks and romans to increase their knowlege
humanism renaisance movement
vernacular everyday language people speak in a regin
what was the benifit of writing in vernacular? the benifit was more people could understand your work
what weresome differences between medival art and renaissance art? renaissance tries to show how people would appear and emotions. medival was the birth of jesus;also renaissance used techquines such as persectve and shadows and depth
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