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Servidio SS Chap 15

Servidio Review for Chapter 15 MC/CR Test

What was the purpose of the slave codes? To prevent the slaves from running away
What were four slave code laws? Slaves could not learn to read and write, could not own a gun, gather in groups of three or more, or leave the plantation without written permission from the slave owner
How did slaves keep their spirits up? They sang songs, told folk stories, became Catholics, and tried to stay with their extended families
Define abolitionist A person who wanted to abolish, get rid of, slavery
Identify one famous abolitionist? Harriet Tubman
Who was the Conductor of the Underground Railroad? Harriet Tubman
What was the Underground Railroad? A set of hidden spots and homes to help slaves escape to the North
Who was Nate Turner? Abolitionists who wanted to give guns to slave to fight for their freedom
Who was John Brown? Abolitionists who wanted to give guns to slave to fight for their freedom
Who was Henry “The Box” Brown? A former slave turned abolitionist who sent himself in a crate to the North for freedom
Define discrimination The act of treating someone differently because they are different from you
Who was Eli Whitney? An inventor of interchangeable parts and the cotton gin
Who was Abraham Lincoln? He is the 16th President of the United States
Who was Harriet Beecher Stowe? She was an abolitionist who wrote the novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”
Who was William Lloyd Garrison? He was an abolitionist who published the “Liberator”
Who was Fredrick Douglas? He was an abolitionist who published the “North Star”
Define sectionalism The pride in your own state or region
Define nationalism The pride and devotion to your whole country
Define secession To leave the Union or country and establish your own
Explain the Missouri Compromise Maine entered the Union as a Free State and Missouri as a Slave State
What is a Free State? A state that does not allow slavery in it
What is a Slave State? A state that does allow slavery in it
Explain the Wilmot Proviso A law that attempted to prevent the spread of slavery in the West
Explain the Free Soil Party A political party that wanted to end slavery in the West
Explain the five parts of the Compromise of 1850 Ended the slave trade, California enters as a free state, a strict Fugitive Slave Law is created, and use of popular sovereignty in the west and settled a border dispute
Define popular sovereignty The citizens vote on whether they want slavery in their state
Explain the Fugitive Slave Law A law that stated that anyone who sees a slave attempting to escape must capture them or be fined or jailed
Explain Uncle Tom’s Cabin A novel that showed the evils of slavery about one slave asked to beat another slave to follow directions
Explain the Kansas-Nebraska Act An act that stated that each state should vote whether they want slavery in their state or not
Explain John Brown’s Raid John Brown raided a gun warehouse to give guns to slave to revolt
Explain the Dred Scott Case Dred Scott was a slave whose owner died and wanted his freedom The court stated that Dred Scott was a slave no matter what a slaves are property and slavery can exist anywhere
Explain the results of Lincoln’s election Lincoln won the Election of 1860 by all the northern states voting for him and then the southern states seceded
Define secede To leave the Union
Why is Fort Sumter important? It was the start of the Civil War
Describe the main reason why the North is fighting in the Civil War To preserve the Union
Describe the main reason why the South is fighting in the Civil War To have a say in government
Created by: Suzanne Servidio
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