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APICS CPIM Basics of supply chain dictionary words M

Machine flexibility In work-cell design, choosing between general-purpose machinery versus special-purpose machinery, so that the lowest cost and most adaptability is achieved.
Maintenance, repair, and operating supplies (MRO) Items used in support of general operations and maintenance such as maintenance supplies, spare parts, and consumables used in the manufacturing process and supporting operations.
Manufacturing calendar syn:M-day calendar, planning calendar, production calendar, shop calendar A calendar used in inventory and production planning functions that consecutively numbers only the working days so that the component and work order scheduling may be done based on the actual number of work days available.
Manufacturing lead time - MTO The tot time req. to manufacture an item, exclusive of lower level purchasing LT. For MTO products, it is the length of time between the release of an order to the prod process and shipment to the final customer.
Manufacturing lead time - MTS syn: Manufacturing cycle, production cycle, production lead time For MTS, it is the length of time between the release of an order to the production process and receipt into inventory. Included here are order prep time, queue time, set up time, run time, move time, inspection time, and put-away time
Manufacturing order Syn:Job order, manufacturing authorization , production order , production release, run order, shop order, work order A document, group of documents, or schedule conveying authority for the manufacture of specified parts or products in specified qtys.
Manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) A method for effective planning of all resources of a manufacturing company. Idealy, it addresses op plan in units, fin plan in$ and has a simulation capability to answer what-if questions. It is made up of variety of processes, each linked together
What are processes that MRP II are connected with? Business planning, production planning (Sales and operations planning), master production scheduling, material requirements planning, capacity requirements planning, and the execution support systems for capacity and material.
Market share The actual portion of current market demand that a company or product achieves
Mass customization The creation of a hi-volume product with large variety so that a customer may specify an exact model out of a large volume of possible end items while manuf cot is low due to lrg vol. ex)PC with different options
Master planning A group of business processes that includes the following activities: demand management(forecast and order servicing); production and resource planning; and master scheduling (master schedule and RCCP)
Master production schedule (MPS) The master production schedule is a line on the master schedule grid that reflects the anticipated build schedule for those items assigned to the master scheduler. The master scheduler maintains this schedule.
Master schedule The master schedule is a format that includes time periods (dates), the forecast, cust orders, proj. avail. bal., ATP, and the mastesr production schedule. The MS takes into acct the FC; ProdPlan; backlog, mat avail, cap avail, and management policies
Material requirements planning (MRP) A set of techniques that uses BOM, inventory and the master prod schedule to calculate requirements for materials. It makes recommendations to release replenishment orders for material.
What is the result of MRP being time-phased? MRP begins with the items listed on the MPS and determines 1.the qty of all components and materials required to fabricate those items and 2. The date that the components and material are required. Time-phased MRP is accomplished by exploding the BOM.
Materials handling The movement of items from one point to another inside a facility or between facilities.
Materials management The grouping of management functions supporting the complete cycle of material flow, from the purchase and internal control of production materials to the planning and control of WIP to the WH, ship, and distribution of the finished product.
Mean absolute deviation (MAD) The avg. of the absolute values of the deviations of observed values from some expected value. MAD can be calculated based on observations and the arithmatic mean of those observations.
Mental model A paradigm of how the world works formed by a person's experiences and assumptions
Milk run A regular route for pickup of mixed loads from several suppliers. For ex. instead of each of 5 suppliers sending a truckload/week to meet the weekly needs of the cust, one truck visits each of the supplier on a daily basis.
Min-max system A type of order point replenishment system where the min is the order point, and the max is the "order up to" inventory level. The order qty is variable and is recommended when the sum of available and on-order inventory is at or below the min.
Mixed-model production Making several different parts of products in varying lot sizes so that a factory produces close to the same mix of products that will be sold that day. The goal is to build every model every day, to meet daily demand.
Mixed model scheduling The process of developing one or more schedules to enable mixed-model production. The goal is to achieve a day's production each day.
Modularization Using the same set of components in a variety of finished goods
Move time The time that a job spends in transit from one operation to another in the plant
Muda (Waste) 1.Over production - Excess or too early 2.Waiting - queuing delays 3.Transportation-Unneeded movements 4.Processing-Poor process design 5.Motion - Activities that do not add value 6.Idle inventory 7.Defective units
Mura Unevenness or variability
Muri Strain or overburden
make-or-buy decision
manufacturing philosophy
manufacturing process
market driven
marketing strategy
multilevel bill of material
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