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APICS CPIM Basics of supply chain dictionary words F

Firm planned order (FPO) A planned order that can be frozen in qty and time. The computer is not allowed to change it automatically; this is the responsibility of the planner in charge of the item that is being planned. This aids the planner working with MRP
Five focusing steps - Definition In TOC, a process to continuously improve organizational profit by evaluating the production system and mkt mix to determine how to make the most profit using the system constraint.
Five focusing steps - Steps 1.Identifying the constraint to the system. 2.Deciding how to exploit the contraint 3.Subordinating all nonconstraints to the constraint 4.Elevating the constraint to the system 5.Returning to step 1
Five Ss Sort Simplify Scrub Standardize Sustain
Five whys Ask Whys 5 times, find the root cause on the 5th why
Flow shop
fixed-location storage
fixed order quantity
fixed overhead
fixed-position manufacturing
field service
final assemble schedule (FAS)
finished goods inventory
finite forward scheduling
finite loading
fixed cost
flow processing
fluctuation inventory
forecast error
forward scheduling
four P's
freight consolidation
freight forwarder
functional layout
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