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Clep 1898 Sp- Am War

Clep 1898 Spanish American War

The U.S. battleship _____blew up in Havana Harbor in 1898. The cause of the explosion could not be determined, but many Americans demanded war with Spain as a result of that incident. Maine
The battleship Maine exploded, killing 260 men. Two months after this incident, the United States went to war with ___. Spain
The first victory of the Spanish-American War was by a U.S. Navy fleet under the command of ____. His fleet destroyed the Spanish fleet at Manila Bay in the Philippines. Commodore Dewey
Commodore George Dewey led his fleet to _____ in the Battle of Manila Bay on May 1, 1898. The war ended on August 12. victory
In the Spanish American War, Theodore Roosevelt led a cavalry regiment known as the _____ in Cuba. Rough Riders
The Treaty of Paris of 1898 officially ended the Spanish-American War on December 10, 1898. Puerto Rico and Guam were ceded to the United States, Cuba became an independent country, and the U.S. gained control of the____ in return for $20 million. Phillipines
The Treaty of Paris of 1898 is different from the Treaty of Paris of ___, in which American and British delegations met in Paris to formalize Britain's recognition of the United States of America. 1783
The US gained the Philippines by paying Spain ____ at the end of the Spanish-American War. The Philippines expected the U.S. to grant them independence; when this did not happen, the Philippine Insurrection, a revolt against American rule, began. 20 million dollars
The Philippine Insurrection, which lasted from 1899 to____ , was a Filipino revolt against American rule. 1902
What was the relationship between the Spanish-American War and the building of the Panama Canal? The war showed the need to move naval forces from coast-to-coast quickly.
Yellow journalism, the de Lôme letter, and the Maine all contributed to which of the following? a. Creation of the Pan-American Union b. Autonomy for Puerto Rico c. Formal protest against Spanish rule in the Philippines d. The Spanish American War d. The Spanish American War
The indirect cause that led to the Sp-Am War was the a. explosion aboard the USS Maine in Havanna harbor. b. insult to President McKinley in the de Lôme Letter. c. Cuban revolt against Sp. control of their island. c. Cuban revolt against Spanish control of their island.
The independence of which of the following was affected by the Platt Amendments? a. Cuba b. The Panama Canal Zone c. The Philippines d. Guam e. Puerto Rico a. Cuba
The ___ appended to the Army Appropriations Act presented to the U.S. Senate replacing the earlier Teller Amendment. The amendment stipulated the conditions for the withdrawal of United States troops remaining in Cuba after the Spanish-American War, Platt Amendment of 1901
What was the relationship between the Spanish-American War and the building of the Panama Canal? The war showed the need to move naval forces from coast-to-coast quickly.
What was the primary cause of the Spanish-American war? Spanish occupation of Cuba
When did the Spanish-American War begin? 1894
How did 'yellow journalism' contribute to the Spanish-American War? Lurid stories of Spanish atrocities whipped up American support for Cuban revolutionaries operating from American soil: they were likened to the American revolutionaries of the 18th century.
Why did American businesses want Cuba independent from Spain? New markets would be 'ripe for the picking'
Was the sinking of the battleship 'Maine' a primary cause of the Spanish-American War? No. It was a precipitating factor, not a cause.
How did Joseph Pulitzer revolutionize journalism? He felt papers should target the masses; the news read like a soap opera instead of being neutral and unbiased. He used lurid stories; exaggerated headlines and made-up details to arouse readers. His tactics were copied.
Why was 'yellow journalism' yellow? The term came from the yellow ink used to print a popular comic strip carried by Pulitzer's paper: New York World
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