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4th Grade SS Ch 4

The Road to Statehood

1. Pay back debt 2. Give Indians land 3. Wanted Texas to join USA 4. 1st and 3rd President of Texas Sam Houston
1.Printed and spent more money 2.Did not want to give indians Texas' land. 3. Did not want Texas to join USA. 4. 2nd President of Texas Mirabeau B. Lamar
were farmers, ranchers, and townspeole who volunteered to defend the Republic of Texas Texas Rangers
branch of government that makes laws Congress
Locaitons of the capital of Texas 1. Columbia 2. Houston 3. Austin
when you owe someone money debt
a limited amount of time term
a general, twice president, a senator, liked Indians, and wanted to pay back debt and for Texas to join the USA Sam Houston
a Cherokee Chief killed by the Texas' army in the Battle of Neches Philip Bowels
a popular idea in the US in the 1840's that the United States should expand ites boarders west to the Pacific Ocean and South to the Rio Grande. Manifest Destiny
means adding a territory or area to a country annexation
an agreement; decision resolution
elected to represent a group of people and goes to Washington, DC and votes laws senator
the last president of Texas and was president of Texas when Texas joined the US. Anson Jones
US president when Texas was annexed by US and a friend of Sam Houston James K. Polk
first governor of Texas James Pinckney Henderson
1. Spain 2. French 3. Mexico 4. Lone Star 5. Confederate 6. USA Six Flags of Texas
between USA and Mexico about where the boarder of Texas is. Mexican War
1. Rio Grande will be the boarder 2. US will pay $15 million to Mexico for California, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado 3. Gave Mexican in these territories citizenship Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
solving a diagreement by both sides agreeing to give something up compromise
1. US paid $10 Million for New Mexico territory 2. now Texas has money to start schools Compromise of 1850
having to do with goverment political
Three good reasons for Texas to join USA 1. Strong money system 2. Stong army 3. Family members living in the USA
Two bad reasons for Texas to join USA 1. give up independence 2. give up forts and military supplies
Two good reasons for US to annex Texas 1. Texas had fertile land 2. Access to the sea (Gulf of Mexico)
Two bad reasons for US to annex Texas 1. Texas was in debt 2. Mexico might fight to get Texas
Created by: mrscwilliams