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Last exam History

The "assembly of the Land" (its Russian) Zomskii Sabor
Zomskii Sobor convened on 1613 to select him as the next dynastic Tsar Michael Romanov
King after Francis I; Married Catherine DeMedici to produce a gay son named Henry III Henry II
Great warrior/Athlete/ Scholar who was parallel to king Henry VII Ruled from 1516-1547 Francis I (French)
Established absolute monarchy for France also known as the sun king Ruled from 1643-1715 French Louis XIV
Monarchy began here as absolute but eventually became constitutionalized Britain
Bicameral Legislature of Britain House of Lords and House of commons
Beautiful & intelligent dynasty of Britain that boasted Henry VII, Mary, and Queen Elizabeth Didnt have a problem with parliament English rule Tudors
"Virgin Queen" who died childless in 1603 and led to the Stuarts(cousins) dynasty Queen Elizabeth
First Stuart King who had problems with parliament King James I
Second Stuart king who was killed by parliament King Charles I
began after death of king Charles I; it was led by Oliver Cromwell Commonwealth & protectorate
Mary of Burgundy and Maximillian Von Hapsburg's offspring Phillip the handsome
Phillip the Handsom and Juana La Loca's offspring Charles I of spain(Charles V) and Ferdinard of Austria
Spanish Courts Cortes
Act of King IV that gave Protestants nights; Later revoked by King Louis XIV Edict of Nantes
French King know for being Protestant from the House of Bourbon King Henry IV
King and Queen after king Charles II Signed bill of Rights Marry and William of Holland
The bill which stated that the throne would be passed from Charles II to Marry it didnt work Exclusion Bill
Lesbian with 14 kids Last veto on Parliament Daughter of James II (duke of York) Anne
King Charles II's cousin New York was named after him Catholic with 2 protestant Daughters James II (duke of York)
Return of the Stuarts to rule Ruled form 1660- 1685 and died childless King Charles II
When the kingdom of Spain was split, half was......and the other half was....... 1/2 was absolute other half was 1/2 constitutional
Ferdinard of Aragon and Isabel of Castile's offspring Juana La Loca
old Capitol of Russia Kiev
Scandanaviani First prince of Russian State Rurik
King after Charles II of Spain Phillip of Anjou (house of Bourbon)
First absolute monarch of spain Philip I
Died out in 1700s Last was Charles II Product of Incest(philip IV and his niece) Hapsburgs of Spain
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