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CV questions


QuestionAnswer or fact
How long should the mobility section of a warm up be? 3-6 mins
How many reps should be completed to release synovial fluid in the mobility section? 16-20 reps
How long should you take with the Pulse Raiser (CV1) 4-7 mins
In the prep-stretch how long are we holding the stretches? 8-10 seconds once in position
How long should be spent on the pre-stretch component? 3-8 minutes
The cv component has three parts CV build up CV maint. CV cooldown
Time range for CV build up:- 3-6 minutes depending on fitness of client
Time range of CV maintenance:- 5-20 minutes depending on fitness of client
Time range of CV cooldown 3-6 minutes depending on fitness of client
CV build- up RPE should be between? 2-3 RPE
CV maintenance RPE should be between 5-9 RPE
CV cooldown RPE should be between 2-3 RPE
Overall time for an effective CV session should be 5-20 minutes
Target HR for moderate aerobic zone is begins at 50%-60% MHR (unfit)
Target HR for weight management is 60-70% MHR (fat burn)
Target HR for aerobic fitness zone 70-80% MHR (aerobic training zone)
Target HR for peak performance is 80-90% MHR (sports persons etc)
What are the ACSM recommendations CV training 3-5 times per week 30mins Target HR 60-70 % or more vigorous activity
What is the HEA recommended prescription for exercise? at least 30mins moderate intensity 5 days per week
Why exercise Weight management Muscle tone Stress relief Self esteem Increase bone density Reduce blood pressure Reduce risk of stroke Reduce Cholestrol Reduced risk of osteoparosis
Created by: allisonhearsum