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APICS CPIM Basics of supply chain dictionary words B

Backflush A method of invent bookkeeping where the book (computer) invent of components is auto reduced by the comp after completion of activity on the compnt's upper-level parent item based on what should have been used as specified on the BOM and allocation rec
What is the disadvantage of backflushing? The approach has the disadvantage of a built-in differential between the book record and what is physically in stock. synonim: Explode-to-deduct, post-deduct inventory transaction processing
Backhauling The process of a transportation vehicle returning from the original destination point to the point of origin. 1980 Motor carrier act deregulated interstate commercial trucking. Allowed carriers for return trip with full, partial, or empty load.
What is empty back haul called? deadheading
backlog All the customer orders received but not yet shipped. Sometimes referred to as open orders or the order board
backorder An unfilled customer order or commitment. A backorder is an immediate (or past due) demand against an item whose inventory is insufficient to satisfy the demand.
Back scheduling A technique for calculating operation start dates and due dates. The schedule is computed starting with the due date for the order and working backward to determine the required start date and/or due dates for each operation. Syn:Backward scheduling
Balance sheet A financial statement showing the resources owned, the debts owed, and the owner's share of a company at a given point in time.
Bar code A series of alternating bars and spaces printed on stamped on various media, representing encoded information that can be read by electronic readers. A bar code is used to facilitate timely and accurate input of data to a computer system
Batch-Definition 1&2 1.Qty scheduled to be produced or in production 2.For discrete products, the batch is planned to be the standard batch quantity, but during production, the standard batch quantity may be broken into smaller lots.
Batch-Definition 3 3.In non discrete product, the batch is a quantity that is planned to be produced in a given time period based on a formula or recipe that often is developed to produce a given number of end items
Batch-Definition 4 4.A type of manufacturing process used to produce items with similar designs and that may cover a wide range of order volumes. Typically, items ordered are of repeat nature, and production may be for a specific cust order or for stock replenishment.
Batch picking A method of picking ordrs in which ordr reqmts are aggregated by product across ordrs to reduce movement to and from product locations. The aggregated qtys of each products are then transported to a common area where the individual ordrs are constructed
Bias A consistent deviation from the mean in one direction (high or low). A normal property of a good forecast is that is not biased.
Bill of lading (uniform) A carrier's contract and receipt for goods the carrier agrees to transport from one place to another and to deliver to a designated person. In case of loss, damage, or delay, the bill of lading is the basis for filing freight claims.
Bill of material (BOM) A listing of all the subassemblies, intermediates, parts, and raw materials that go into a parent assembly showing the qty of each required to make an assembly.
What do you use BOM for? Used in conjunction with the master production schedule to determine the items for which purchase requisitions and production orders must be released.
Different BOM display formats? Single-level BOM, indented BOM, modular (planning) BOM, transient BOM, matrix BOM, and costed BOM.
What are BOMs called in some process industries? Formula, recipe, or ingredient list
Blanket PO A long-term commitment to a supplier for material against which short-term releases will be generated to satisfy requirements. Often blanket orders cover only one item with predetermined delivery dates. SYN: standing order
Bonded warehouse Buildings or parts of buildings designated by the U.S secretary of the Treasury for storing imported merchandise, operated under U.S. Customs supervision
Bottleneck a facility, function, department, or resource whose capacity is less than the demand placed upon it. For example, a bottleneck machine or work center exists where jobs are processed at a slower rate than they are demanded
Break-bulk Dividing truckloads of homogeneous items into smaller, more appropriate quantities for use.
Buffer A quantity of materials awaiting further processing. It can refer to raw materials, semifinished stores or hold points, or a work backlog that is purposely maintained behind a work chenter
Buffer-TOC definition In TOC, bueffers can be time or material and support throughput and/or due date performance. Buffers can be maintained at the constraint, convergent points (with a constraint part), divergent points, and shipping points.
Bullwhip effect An extreme change in the supply position upstream in a supply chain generated by a small change in demand downstream in the supply chain. Inventory can quickly move from being backordered to being excess.
What causes bullwhip effect? This is caused by the serial nature of communicating orders up the chain with the inherent transportation delays of moving product down the chain. The bullwhip effect can be eliminated by synchronizing the supplychain
Business plan A statement of long-range strategy and revenue,cost, and profit objectives usually accompanied by budgets, a projected balance sheet, and a cash flow(source and application of funds) statement. Document prepared by an entrepreneur to plan for a new biz.
balance sheet A financial statement showing the resources owned, the debts owed, and the owner's share of a company at a given point in time
baseline measures A set of measurements (or metrics) that seeks to establish the current or starting level of performance of a process, function, product, firm, and so on. Baseline measures are usually established before implementing improvement activities/programs.
break-even point The level of production or the volume of sales at which operations are neither profitable nor unprofitable. The intersection of the total revenue and the total cost curves.
buffer management In the theory of constraints, a process in which all expediting in a shop is driven by what is scheduled to be in the buffers (constraint, shipping and assy buffers).
why if buffer management important? By expediting this material into buffers, the system helps avoid idleness at the constraint and missed customer due dates. In addition, the causes of items missing from the buffer are identified, and the frequency of occurrence is used to improve
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