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The Dog Sport

Attack fass; sich; passauf; saggit
Bark or Speak gib laut
Bundessieger national champion
Come Komm or Kommen
Down Platz
Get Him or Bite packen
Good fine or gut
Good Dog das in fein
Heel fuss
Here hier
Hunt or Find Him or Check revier
No nien or pfui
Out aus
Schutzhund protection dog
Sieger Champion
Sit sitz
Stay bleib
watch wach; wachen
Alternate registration for german sheperd Schutzhnd USA
Tattoo at what age Seven weeks if litter is ready
The Ear Tatoo number can also be found on Hip xrays
Hip exrays are done at what age (months) 24
You vets hip xrays are sent to (abrieviate) OFA
OFA means Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
OFA Ratings are Poor or Fare or Good or Excellent
who puts the ear number of our xrays OFA
Schutzhund registered german sheperds have whos numbers on the papers Bitch and Sire
Which ear gets the tatoo for schutzhund Right
Military dogs are tatooed in which ear Left
What is rubbed in the ear before tatooing Ink
what is rubbed in the ear after tattoing ink
Does the ink have an antibacterial addative Yes or No Yes
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