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History Class test

What are the 2 pillars of Christianity? Faith and Merit(Good work)
What are the seven sacraments? Baptism, Eucharist, Extreme Unction, Penance, Confirmation, Ordination, Marriage
what is the Purgatory Place or condition of temporal For those whos departing this life by the grace god
When did the Great Schism split? 1054
What did Innocent III do? excommunicated king John in 1209 also Child Crusade
What was the meeting of 1789? The Estates- General
what was the Estates General about? a general assembly representing the French estates of the realm: the nobility, the Church, and the common people. Summoned by King Louis XVI 6
who is Philip the Fair? King of France son of Philip III and Isabel of Aragon
When was the Babylonain Captivity 1305-1377
What is the Babylonain Captivity When Luther examines the seven sacraments of the medieval Catholic Church in the light of his interpretation of the Bible
Conciliar Movement reform movement from 14th to 16th century Roman Catholic Church whild held that final authority in spiritual matters resided with the Church as a corp. of Christians, embodied by a gen. church council, not with the pope
Three Venerations of Relics Wine into water, Crown of thorns, and saints
St. Thomas Aquinia Wrote Summa Theologica(describe the relationship b/w God and man) Scholasticism
What did Frederick II do? Disemboweled a man, experimented with babies, baths(said you should bath everyday)
What did you have to know for a Trivium Logic, Rhetoric,Latin Grammer
What did you have to know for a Quatrivium Geometry, Arithmetic,Music, Astrology
what did you have to know for a Doctorate Disseration
Name four types of Roman Public buidings Romanesque, Gothic, Buttresses, and Flying Buttresses
who is Petrarch a poet
who is Giovanni Boccaccio? mentee of Petrarch wrote the Decameron(colletion of 100 italian novellas)
Who is Donato Bramante? Greatest renaissance Architect
who is Giotto di Bondone? sheep herder who was the first to paint in 3 dimensional styles
who is Leonardo da Vinci? (Da Vinci isnt his last name) painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper
Who is Michelangelo? Painted the Sistine Chapel, and sculpted the Pieta, Virgin Mary holding Jesus, and David
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