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chapter 29

the golden age of athens

a city of contrasts athens was a city of great contrasts or differenceces.most homes were one story made with mud blocks and the public houses were large and stately.
acropolis the hill above a greek city on which temples were built.the olace where the people built home for their god and godesses
parthenon the temple honoring the goddess athena built on the actopolis above athens.the most famous temple standing on the acropolis
religion:the temple at delphi the god and godesses had power over particular areas of life they also lokked and acted like humans but did not age or die.
myth a traditional story that helps to explain a cultures beliefs
architecture:the acropolis one of the three temples on the acropolis to honor athena was called the parthanon
sculpture:a marble workshop the athenian sculptures have been changing over the years by getting more famous sculpture that sculped the sculpture athena is Phidias
drama:the theater of Dionysus movies and plays are different from today by all acters were men,they took place outside,they wore masksto tell if they are happy or sad,and the chorus explained the story
philosophy:the agora socrates taught others by asking them questionsthat foced them to think about their beleifs.his questioning got him in trouble adn died by drinking poisnes
sports:the panathenaic games the purpose of the athletic events in greece was to honor the god and godesses.some sports they did that we dont do now is footraces in armer,vilont wrestling, and shariot races
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