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Servidio SS Chap 13

Servidio Review for Chapter 13 MC/CR Test

Who invented the sewing machine? Elias Howe
Who invented the lightweight steel plow? John Deere
Who invented the mechanical reaper? Cyrus McCormick
Who invented the telegraph? Samuel FB Morse
Who invented interchangeable parts? Eli Whitney
Who invented a steam powered locomotive? An English family
Who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
What was the purpose of the sewing machine? To increase clothing production
What was the purpose of the lightweight steel plow? To turn the famers soil quickly
What was the purpose of the reaper? To cut the grain and wheat quickly
What was the purpose of the telegraph? To communicate faster
What was the purpose of interchangeable parts? To replace the broken items without making a complete new one
What was the purpose of the cotton gin? To remove the seeds from the cotton fibers
What was the purpose of the locomotive? To travel and transport goods faster
How did the Northern inventions affect the Northern economy? It made their economy increase
How did the Northern inventions affect the Southern economy? The South bought the Northern goods
Describe the conditions in the factories? Long days 4 am to 7:30 pm, accidents common, harsh managers
Why did the factory owners treat their employees harshly? They were replaceable
What three topics did unions fight for? Shorter work day, higher wages and safer working conditions
Define strike When employees refuse to work
Which two countries did the immigrants come from during the 1820’s? Ireland and Germany
Why did the Germans come to America? To escape revolutions and make a better life for themselves
Why did the Irish come to America? To escape the potato famine and make a better life for themselves
Who were nativists? People in the United States who hated / disliked immigrants
What was the Know-Nothing Party? A political party hat did not want immigrants coming to the United States
Why did so many Americans dislike immigrants? They felt immigrants caused crime and stole American jobs
Complete the sentence: As cotton production increased So did slavery
Who were the cottonocracy? A plantation owner that owned fifty or more slaves
Who were the planters? A plantation owner that owned at least twenty slaves
What was the purpose of the slave codes? To prevent the slaves from running away
What were four slave code laws? Slaves could not learn to read and write, could not own a gun, gather in groups of three or more, or leave the plantation without written permission from the slave owner
How did slaves keep their spirits up? They sang songs, told folk stories, became Catholics, and tried to stay with their extended families
Define abolitionist A person who wanted to abolish, get rid of, slavery
Identify one famous abolitionist? Harriet Tubman
Who was the Conductor of the Underground Railroad? Harriet Tubman
What was the Underground Railroad? A set of hidden spots and homes to help slaves escape to the North
Created by: Suzanne Servidio