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History 103 final

these are some of the dates and descriptions that will be on our test 4/21/11

Leon Trotsky was? commissioner of war
Leon Trotsky was from? Russia
Leon Trotsky believed that Russia needed to? embrace industrialization and communism too. (Lenon)
Joseph Stalin had no reguard for what? human life
Joseph Stalin's focus was on? building up the soviet union's military
Joseph Stalin gained support by? manipulating the loyalty and support of the party
Joseph Stalin exiles ______ from Russia and sends him to Mexico. Leon Trotsky
Joseph Stalin wants to elliminate what group of people? some of Trotsky's followers
Joseph Stalin establishes himself as Russia's (Soviet Union's) dictator by what year? 1929
Anarchy? Chaos, either everyone dies off, or a leader emerges
Autocracy? monarchy, born into the position of power. centralized control, they make decision. one person.
Oligarchy? ruled by a few. hanful of leaders. 1 will emerge better than the others.
Monarchy consists of a? King/Queen
Constitutional Monarchy? consists of parliment, which makes this a shared power. England, where the queen is just the face of power.
Absolute Monarchy? the queen or king is in power, no one else
Democracy? every person gets to vote, the majority rules
Republic? there are representatives who will represent our interests.
Totalitarianism? this is a new kind of dictatorship formed in 1920 in Europe. it has two branches.
what kind of dictatorship was formed in the 1920's in Europe? Totalitarianism
What are the two kinds or Totalitarianism? 1.Facism 2.Communism
The soviet union is a _______ government Communist
Germeny, Italy, and Spain are all this kind of dictatorship. Facism
Theocracy? government and religion go hand in hand. the gov. is based on religious laws
When did WWII start? September 1939
when does the united states get involved in WWII? December 1941
Weimar Republic was during what years? also the years of hitler's rise to power. 1919-1933
In Germany what is the weimar republic? republic is established in germany. when the keizer establishes the throne
weimar republic is a type of what form of government? Representative
now there is a new ______ for germany's government constitution
The President of the Weimar Republic? Paul Von Hindenburg
Weimar to be a republic in what year? 1925
Paul Von Hindenburg was a what in WWI? military leader
Paul Von Hindenburg believed that Germany should have this type of government... Monarchy
Hyperinflation is when? you print lots of money so then the money is not worth anything
Germany was... in billions of dollars of debt so they turned to hyperinflation, now money is worth nothing
Fascism? humans unequal, humans not reasonable, leader is infallible (no mistakes), patriotism, militarism, violence used to control behavior, total control of idividual all life
Women in the Third Reich less worthy than men, be in the kitchen or in the bedroom, scare, women died to gain the rights for other women,
"fountain of life" an organization, girls who were "racially worthy" were used to make blonde hair blue eyed babies with the ss officers.
The Great Depression? Unemployment, money in the bank if the bank crashed you went to another bank to draw out money so in theory all the banks failed so america failed, makeing a quick profit everyone did it so they got out of the bank the bank fails, stock on credit
cont. great depression not enough money for basic needs, emmence amounts of crops, export not import, in 1914 us in debt 3 billion dollars, quanity not quality
Rape of nanking why did nobody know? victims remained silent, more people focused on politics, these were women people really didnt care that much about women in this time period, deeply into the cold war
Japanese kids trained? toy shops sold toy soldiers, tanks, rifles, guns, schools operated as mini military units lectured students about their duty started as children
Germany was known as the ____ youth Hitler
Italy was known as the young ______ fascists
What were the advantages did the chinese have against the Japanese? more number of people. they knew their own land.
Why was it necessary for the japanese to kill the chinese prisoners of war? eliminate the food problem, diminish the posibility of retaliation, couldnt form guerrilla forces
the execution of soldiers lead to the rape of civilians? now the civilians were not protected anymore so the soldiers can do as they please
How did the official Japanese policy lead to the deaths of more women? because it forbids soldiers to rape. so killing the women afterwards would basically "clean up" what they have done because then no one would ever find out that they were raped because if they were dead they couldnt tell.
How did the Japanese government respond to the rape of women? they ended up forming these seceret brothes. so basically they encouraged it. women gang-raped.
Created by: Bunnygirl
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