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Equine vocabulary

List of 25 commonly used terms for Equine study

Must be worn at all times when on a horse. Hat
Equine standing at above 14.3hh. Horse
Smaller version of horse. Pony
Container for feed or water. Bucket
Classical style of riding. Dressage
Clearing an obstacle in a vertical fashion. Jumping
Galloping and jumping in an open space. Cross country
Exhibition of equitation skills against others to win a rosette and other prizes. Competition
A closed area in which to practice skills or compete often with a soft surface. Arena
Implement to pick up collection of sweepings. Shovel
Item of tack used on the head of the horse or pony. Bridle
Implement to gather or distribute straw or hay. Fork
Container for carrying muck, hay or other items. Wheelbarrow
Essential liquid for life. Water
Item of tack used to carry rider on horse's back. Saddle
Cloth used under the saddle. Numnah
Rider's specialist leggings. Jodhpur
Equine foot specialist. Farrier
Foot of the equine. Hoof
Feet of the equine. Hooves
Circular beribboned prize. Rosette
Tool to encourage the horse to go forward. Whip
Implement to sweep. Broom
Accommodation for the horse. Stable
Large receptacle for transporting horse or muck. Trailer
Animal doctor. Veterinary
Another term for an arena. Manege
The way an equine is physically built. Conformation
Container for feed or water. Trough
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