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Ch. 9 Social Studies

What is a depot? a train station
Why did Plains Indians raid Anglo American settlements in Texas? to take back their land
What is a brand? a design burned into the hide of a cow
Why was Galveston an important railroad connection for Texas businesses? Gavleston was a Gulf Coast port
Who are the Buffalo Soldiers? a group of soldiers sent to Texas to fight the Plains Indians
Who brought the first cattle to Texas? Spanish explorers
Which invention helped ranchers keep their cattle from wandering away? barbed wire
What is a boom? a timed of rapid growth
What industry was helped when railroads were built through forests? the lumber industry
Why were many Texan towns built about 30 miles apart? railroad crews drilled water wells every 30 miles to supply water for steam engines
What is a stampede? when a herd of cattle becomes frightened and runs wild
What is the open range? grassy plains where cattle were free to graze
Why did ranchers like the open range? their cattle could eat lots of grass at no cost
How did trailblazers like Jesse Chisholm and Charles Goodnight contribute to the cattle industry? they created trails for getting cattle to market
What is a round-up? what occurs when cowhands drive cattle into one area then separate them by brand
What is a locomotive? a train engine
Why did Texas businesses grow during the railroad boom? goods could be transported more easily
What is barbed wire? twisted wire with very sharp points, or barbs
What is a junction? a place where two or more rail lines meet
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