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TH English Rest

Theatre History, English Restoration

Restoration The reinstatement of the Charles II to the english thrown in 1660
The Commonwealth the period of 11 years under the puritain rule. between the beheading of Charles I to when Charles II returned to the thrown.
Lincoln Inn Fields A london theater built in 1661, was a converted tennis court
Dorset Garden built in 1671, a london theatre, not much known about it, supposidly haveing much moving scenery
Drury Lane A london theatre
Breeches role A woman dressing as a man, and so they would have to wear pants
Comedies of Intrigue PLays that were writen in the restoration that were dareing exploits of romance and adveture, with complicated plots.
Drolls 17th century england, short dramas that were either exerpts from or condensations of longer plays.
Heroic & Restoration tragedy types of serious drama, one with heroics and the other with neoclassical rules.
Glorious revolution Revolution of 1688, the overthrow of James II of England in 1688 by a union of Parliamentarians and the Dutch stadhouder William III of Orange-Nassau (William of Orange)
Oliver Cromwell Leader of the puritains during the commonwelth
William Davenant Producer during commonwealth, circumvented ban on theatre. Presented the Siege of Rhodes.
The Female Wits Catherarine Trotter, Mary Pix, and Delariviere Manley. Were playwrights, increased involvment of women playwrights. worked together.
Charles II King of england after commonwealth
Jeremy Collier Puritain who attacked restoration theatre, wrote "A short view of the immorallity and profaneness of the english stage"
Aphra Behn Comedys of intregue. first woman to have earned a living writing plays.
William Congreve english playwright, bridge between restoration and 18th century comedy
Nell Gwynn Actress,specialties of breeches roles, delivery of prologues and epilogues, wit and charm, not good at tradgedy
Annie Bracegirdle roles were clever urban woman and sympithetic heroines. "celebrated virgin"
Christopher Rich Exploitive lawyer, controled the United Company.
What were the characteristics of Restoration Comedy of Manners? Foibles of upper class, reputation, witty repartee, Fasion behavior and speech, characters named after atributes, Partly neoclassical, Audience Knowledge
What was the significance of The Siege of Rhodes? Procineum arch, wing and shutter setting, stage araingment like the itallians
What were the features of the typical Restoration stage? Flat wings and shutters, Perspective painting, Contempary costumes, Natural light and footlight.
What were the characteristics of Restoration acting companies? Contract system, Benifit system, Not exactly actors studio, christopher rich, battle of the companies.
What was the relationship between government and the theater during this period? limited number of theatres, the government didn't seem to have any problems with it
What factors contributed to the decline of Restoration theater? End of absolutism, Rise of middle class, and sentimental comedy, Attack of the puritains.
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