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TH NeoFrance

Theatre History, Neoclassical France

Edict of Nantes 1598, granted French Calvinists (also known as Huguenots) substantial rights in france, a nation still considered essentially Catholic.
Confrérie de la Passion 1402, religious group in france organized to present religious plays, built the Hotel de Bourgogne.
Comédie Française the government supported theatre, 1680, merger of two other groups
The Pléiade Literary group in paris, wrote french neo-classical plays
Amphithéâtre an undivided gallery at the rear with inexpencive bleacher like seating
Parterre the pit where the audience members stood
Court Ballet similar to masques, not complicated dances, mainly to show off king
Alexandrine is a line of twelve syllables, divided into equal parts by one or two caesuras.
Doyen the head of the company, actor with longest service
The De Medicis renown merchent princes and princesses of venis, married into french royal family
Alexandre Hardy 1st fully proffesional playwright in france, sort of neoclassical, performed in Hotel de Bourgogne
Jean Racine Strict Neoclassical playwright, dramatic tension through concentration and characterization
Pierrer Corneille Playwright, with the Cid, he tried to break neoclassical bounderys, but was attacked for it doing so.
Armande Béjart Moliere's wife, flirtatious, trained theatricly by moliere, many female roles in his plays were hers.
Michel Baron Member of Comedie Francaise, natural acting style, wrote ten comedies, realistic acting, tradgic actor
Cardinals Richelieu and Mazarin Ruled france in name of king
Louis XIV Stablized france, 1643-1715
Molière Playwright, master of comedy. farcical humor and witty diologue and keen eye for human foibles
Henry IV Protestant converted to Catholisim, edict of nantes.
What were some of the features of French public theater before 1630? Confrerie de la passion, Commedia del arte, Pleiade, festivals, court spectacles,aleander Hardy
How were French acting companies of this period organized? Sharing plan, similar to british.
What were the notable theater spaces during this period? Hotel de Bourgogne, Theatre du Marais, Palais-Royal, Salle des Machines, Comedie Francaise, Versailles
What was the significance of the French Academy? 40 writers that judged literature
What was the Comédie Italienne? The name for the Commedia troupes in France, they were eventually kicked out by Louis the XIV
What was Giacomo Torelli's contribution to French theater? Italian design and scene changing techniques.
Created by: hioo1