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Tale of Two Cities-l

epoch period of time. era
atrocious outrageous
capitulated surendered
alienated estranged
stolid indifferent
squalid dirty
intangable vague
sagacity wisdom
efficacy effectiveness
deference respect
demeanor manner
infamous notorious
ludicrous laughable
congenial agreeable
talisman charm
felicitous suitable
obsitate stubborn
perpetuate prolong
ostentacious showy
crestfallen dejected
transitory brief
ubiquitous everywhere
infalible unerring
shroud burial sheet
palpable obvious
vestige trace
fidelity loyalty
magnanimous generous
portentous threatening
attenuated reduced
latent hidden
sanguine optimistic
capricious fickle
apparition ghost
contenance appearance
dubios doubtful
dormant inactive
redundant repetitive
entreaty plea
frugal thrifty
gregarious sociable
elicit evoke
atonement redemption
antipathy hatred
implaceable unyielding
fortitude strength
animosity hostility
abyss pit
expiation penance
Created by: lyzpfaff
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