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nms question-answer

NMS QuestionNMS Answer
49 yoa female presents with an acute complaint of paresthesia over the palmar aspect of her right thumb and first two fingers. Dx? Median N. - pronator teres syndrome or carpal tunnel
What is the inability to recognize familiar aspects of the environment such as shapes, symbols, sounds geometric forms is: agnosia
A cause of transient structural scoliosis? N. root irritation-antalgic lean
What does transient scoliosis refer to? disc herniation or N. compression
Condition presents with intermittent px along a dermatome of a rib with vesicles: herpes zoster
60 yoa females presents with stiff posture and absence of facial expression. Which gait? propulsion (festinating, rigid)
Weak ankle dorsiflexion results in: steppage-lift up high
What is jandrassik maneuver used for? to distract someone when doing a reflex test
What is thoracic kyphosis primarily maintained by? vertebral bodies
What is indicated by palpation of the left iliac crest posteriorly compared to the right? anterior superior rotation of the right ilium
Scoliosis in which of the following areas is most apt to be problematic at the lowest degree of the curvature? thoracic-due to pressure on heart
Neck extension with right rotation during deep inspiration causes neurovascualar compression with the right? scalene muscles
Weakness of wrist flexion is due to a lesion at the [blank] nerve C7
Pellegrini Steida's ds: calcification of the tibial collateral ligament along the medial condyle of the femur (wisp of smoke on x-ray)
Reflexes most efficiently tests the C6 N. root brachioradialis (biceps-C5&C6)
A pt. experiences episodic px in the lower ext which increases with walking, relieved by a few minutes of rest and not influenced by a stooped posture vascular insufficiency
Vascular claudication due to vessels-always get to the same spot when px occurs-posture does not help
giant cell arteritis aka temporal arteritis
Created by: pcelvfrdm