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SOL Review #5

A. Bruce History 7 SOL Review #5

When were the missiles removed from Cuba? Following a USA blockade of Cuba.
What was built to keep the city of Berlin divided? The Berlin Wall in the 1960's.
What was the Vietnam war about? US intervention to stop the spread of communism in South Vietnam.
What was the Domino Theory? After one country falls to communism… all countries around it fall to communism.
What was the G.I. Bill of Rights? Gave veterans education, housing and jobs.
Name some effects of segregation. Schools, restrooms,restaurants
What was Plessy vs. Ferguson? Court case that said "separate but equal" is ok.
What was Brown vs. Board of Education? Separate but equal was NOT ok in schools.
Describe MLK's philosophy. Passive resistance
What is Mlk's speech? "I Have a Dream"
What is Rosa Parks known for? Montgomery, Alabama Bus Boycott
What events started the Civil Rights Movement? Protests, sit ins, marches
Who were the Freedom Riders? Buses of African Americans and whites that were stopped/beaten.
What does NAACP stand for? National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
What is the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Prohibited discrimination against African Americans.
What is the Voting Rights Act of 1965? Forced local officials to allow African Americans to vote.
What does NOW stand for? National Organization for Women
What was the Equal Rights Amendment? Failed, yet focused on equal opportunity for women.
Who desegregated the Armed Forces? Harry Truman
What does USSR stand for? Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
What are primary source documents? Journals, first person accounts, actual documents
What are secondary source documents? Textbooks, encyclopedias, books
Representative Citizens in Science Charles Drew (medicine, plasma) J. Robert Oppenheimer (Physics, Manhatten Project team)
Representative Citizens in Culture Frank Lloyd Wright (Architecture), Martha Graham (Dance)
Representative Citizens in Academics Henry Louis Gates (History), Maya Angelou (Literature)
Representative Citizens in Economics Bill Gates (computer Technology, Microsoft), Ray Kroc, (Franchising, McDonald's)
Who created a reconstruction plan calling for reconciliation, preservation of the Union was more important than punishing the South? Abraham Lincoln
Urged southerners to reconcile with Northerners at the end of the war and reunite as Americans when some wanted to continue to fight, became president of Washington College which is now known as Washington and Lee University. Robert E. Lee
Fought for adoption of constitutional amendments that guaranteed voting rights, was a powerful voice for human rights and civil liberties for all. Federick Douglass
Opposition by American Indians to westward expansion Battle of Little Bighorn, Sitting Bull and Geronimo.
Reduced population through warfare and disease. Battle of Wounded Knee
Assimilation attempts and lifestyle changes Reduction of buffalo population
Created by: abruce