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SOL Review #4

A. Bruce History 7 SOL Review #4

What was the name given to the dictators? The Axis Powers
Who were known as the Allies? USA, Great Britain, Canada, Soviet Union
When did the Soviet Union join the Allies? After being invaded by Germany
Name the leaders for the USA during WWII? Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman
Name the leader for Great Britain. Winston Churchill
Name the leader for Soviet Union. Joseph Stalin
Describe the gradual change of the US towards WWII. Isolationism, economic aid to Great Britain, direct involvement
Describe what happened Dec. 7, 1941. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
What started the war? Germany and Soviet Union invaded Poland.
Name the turning point of the war in the Pacific. Battle of Midway
Name the turning point of the war in the Eastern Europe. Battle of Stalingrad
Name the landing point of Allied troops in France. The beaches of Normandy.
What is D-Day? June 6, 1944, landing in Normandy.
Name the 2 cities in Japan that the US dropped Atomic bombs. Hiroshima and Nagasaki
What was the Holocaust? The murder of 11 million people by the Germans, 6 million were jewish.
Describe the events in the holocaust. Anit-semitism, aryan supremacy, getting rid of jews
What were the tactics used in the holocaust? Boycott jewish stores, threats, segregation, concentration camps
What ended the Great Depression? The US involvement in WWII
What was the nickname given to the women who worked in the factories? Rosie the Riveter
Name ways that Americans supported the war. By conservation, rationing resources, buying war bonds, women went to work in factories.
How were the Japanese Americans treated during the War? Some served in the army, prejudice, forced into internment camps
What was the Equal Rights Amendment? Failed, yet focused on equal opportunity for women.
What was the Marshall Plan? Massive financial aid to rebuild countries and prevent the spread of communism.
Describe West Germany. democratic, self-government
Describe East Germany. Under the domination of the Soviet Union.
Describe Japan after the war. Occupied by USA, democratic, ally of USA.
What is the body of nations of the world to prevent wars called. The United Nations
Reasons for rapid growth of the economy after WWI. Factories easily converted, credit, men in factories, women at home.
What was the Cold War? Tensions between USA and Soviet Union without fighting.
Describe the two governments of the USA and the Soviet Union. USA-democracy and capitalist: SU- dictatorial and communist
What was NATO? North Atlantic Treaty Organization -- democratic countries
What was the WARSAW Pact? Group of communistic countries.
What was the Korean War/ conflict? North Korea and Chinese aggression into South Korea.
How did the Korean War/conflict end? With a stalemate.
What was the Cuban Missile Crisis? The Soviet Union placed missiles in Cuba.
Created by: abruce