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SOL Review #3

A. Bruce History 7 SOL Review #3

What are ways that electricity changed life? Washing machines, stoves, pumps, lighting, radio, and communication.
Which amendment is the prohibition amendment? 18th Amendment
What is prohibition? time when it is illegal to manufacture, transport, or sell alcoholic beverages.
What were created as places for people to drink illegal alcohol? Speakeasies
Who smuggled illegal alcohol and promoted organized crime? Bootleggers
What group was in the Great Migration North? African Americans
Why did African Americans move north? No jobs in the south, discrimination, violence
Name the artist known for urban scenes and paintings of the Southwest. Geogia O'Keefe
Who wrote about the Jazz Age of the 1920's? F. Scott Fitzgerald
Who portrayed the strength of poor migrant workers during the 1930's? John Steinbeck
Name 2 composers who wrote uniquely American Music. Aaron Copland and George Gershwin
Name the painter who chronicled the experiences of the Great Migration North through art. Jacob Lawrence
Name the poet who combined the experiences of African and American Cultural roots. Langston Hughes
Name two Jazz composers. Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong
Name a female blues singer popular during the 1920's. Bessie Smith
Name three reasons for the Great Depression. Overspeculation, collapse of the banking system, and high tariffs.
What is overspeculation? Thinking that the price of stock is going to get very high, borrowing money that you cannot pay back.
What was the impact of the Great Depression? Banks and businesses failed, no jobs, hungry, homeless, farmers hurt.
What president was responsible for the New Deal? Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Describe the New Deal. Social Security, federal work programs, environmental jobs, farm help, and increased rights for labor.
What ended the Great Depression? US involvement in WWII.
How were the Japanese Americans treated during the War? Some served in the army, prejudice, and forced into internment camps.
Name the Causes of WWII. Political instability, economic devastation, and the rise of fascism.
Describe the economic devastation of Europe. Depression, war debt, inflation, and unemployment.
What is Fascism? Total power is given to a dictator and individual freedoms are denied.
Name the three dictators (and their country) of WWII. Adolf Hitler (Germany), Benito Mussolini (Italy), Hideki Tojo (Japan)
Created by: abruce