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SOL Review #2

A. Bruce History 7 SOL Review #2

Name the laws that made discrimination practices legal. Jim Crow Laws
Describe Jim Crow laws. unequal housing, work, education, government
He believed in equality through education: social separation. Booker T. Washington
He believed in full political, civil, and social rights. W.E.D. Du Bois
Who was known for the oil industry? John D. Rockerfeller
Who was known for the steel industry? Andrew Carnegie
Who was known for the automobile industry Henry Ford
Known for reducing cost of production -vocab word Assembly Line
Name the negative effects of Big Business. Child labor, low wages, long hours, poor conditions
Group of trade unions unite and form what? American Federation of Labor
American Federation of Labor represented whom? Skilled workers at various crafts.
Name the strike that Steel workers went on strike because of cut wages. Homestead Strike
Name changes made by the Progressive movement. Safety, reduced work hours, limited child labor
Women gain the right to vote with …? 19th Amendment
She worked hard for women's suffrage. Susan B. Anthony
This movement opposed to the making and consuming of alcohol. Temperance Movement
This amendment prohibited the manufacture, sale of alcohol. 18th Amendment
What ended the Great Depression? The United States involvement in WWII.
Reasons for the Spanish American War. Protection of business, support of rebels, USS Maine, and yellow journalism.
Results of the Spanish American War. US emerged as a world power, Cuba gained independence, US gained territory.
Name the land gained from the Spanish American War. Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico.
Reasons for US involvement in WWI. Inability to remain neutral, submarine warfare, ties to Great Britain.
Name the Allies during WWI. Great Britain, France, Serbia, Belgium, USA.
Name the Central Powers during WWI. Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire.
Who prepared a peace plan called the 14 points? Woodrow Wilson
Name the peace-keeping organization after WWI. The League of Nations
What country did not join the League of Nations? The United States.
What are the results of improved transportation? Greater mobility, creation of jobs, movement to suburbs.
Who is responsible for the invention of the airplane? The Wright Brothers
Who is responsible for the assembly line? Henry Ford
Who is responsible for the development of the radio? Guglielmo Marconi
Who is responsible for the broadcast industry? David Sarnoff
Created by: abruce