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political parties 5

What is the strong support of their party and its policy? partisanship
Who controls the executive branch of the government or the governorship of a state? party in power
They are known as ne of the many political parties without wide voter support in the country. minor parties
Typically, the United States has been known as a ______ system. Two party
When the two parties work together to find common ground. Bipartisan
A temporary alliance of several groups who come together to form a working majority in order to control government. coalition
A conservative poltical party who is against gun control, abortion and gay marriage. Republicans
A liberal political party who believes in big government and higer taxes in order to create social programs. Democrats
Type of minor party which is based on a particular set of beliefs. Ideological party
Type of minor party who focus on only one public policy matter. Single issue party
Minor political party formed during times of economic discontent. Economic protest party
Type of minor party sho have split away from the major parties. Spliner party.
When voters choose candidates from different parties. split ticket voting
Name of the responsibility of the political parties to watch over the other party and highlight problems in government. Watchdog
Responsibility of political parties to act as a go between for their voters and the government. Bonding agent
Democrats believe that flag burning is protected by the First Amendment.
Republicans believe that prayer should be allowed in schools.
Democrats feel that the death penalty violates the 8th amendment.
Republicans feel that the military is our highest priority.
Primaries are held in order to choose candidates for government offices.
What is the largest number of votes cast for an office? Plurality
Created by: mcrippen
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