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SPI schedule performance index
RFI request for information
FP-EPA fixed price with economic price adjustment
FFP firm fixed price
CPM critical path methodology
CPAF cost plus award fee
sv schedule variance
RAM responsibility assignment matrix
LOE level of effort
IFB invitation for bid
FMEA failure mode and effect analysis
EV earned value
ETC estimate to complete
EMV expected monetary value
EF early finish date
EAC estimate at completion
cv cost variance
CPI cost performance index<br>A measure of cost efficiency on a project. It is the ratio of earned value (EV) to actual costs (AC). CPI
AC actual cost
ACWP actual cost of work performed
BAC budget at completion
BCWP budgeted cost of work performed
BCWS budgeted cost of work scheduled
CCB change control board
COQ cost of quality
CPF cost plus fee
CPFF cost plus fixed fee
CPlF cost plus incentive fee
ES early start date
EVM earned value management
FF finish-to-finish
FPlF fixed price incentive fee
FS finish to start
LF late finish date
LS late start date
OBS organizational breakdown structure
PDM precedence diagramming method
PMBOK Project Management Body of Knowledge
PMlS project management information system
PMP Project Management Professional
PV planned value
QA quality assurance
QC quality control
RACl "responsible, accountable, consult, and inform"
RBS risk breakdown structure
RFP request for proposal
RFQ request for quotation
SF start-to-finish
SOW statement of work
SS start-to-start
SWOT "strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats"
T time and material
TQM Total Quality Management
WBS work breakdown structure
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