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Energy Systems

A2 Sport and Physical Education

Name the three energy systems Lactic Acid (LA) System//Aerobic Energy System//Creatine Phospate (CP) Energy system
How long does the CP system last? provides immediate energy for 8-10 secs
Lactic Acid energy system is it aerobic or anaerobic? anaerobic. It provides fuel for 2-3 mins of reformation of ATP.
Match Lactic Acid with definition Short term - high intensity - anaerobic - employs white fast twitch muscle fibres
Match Aerobic Energy system with long term - aerobic - employs red slow twitch muscle fibres
How long does the Aerobic energy system last? as long as there is sufficient oxygen to meet demand.
Which fuels does the Aerobic Energy system use? Glycogen from liver//fat stores from body//oxygen we breathe// and as a last resort protien from muscle.
Which three food groups provide us with necessary energy carbs//fats//protiens
what does ATP stand for? Adenosine Tri-phosphate
Cp system is used in which activity 100m sprint
LA system 400m sprint
aerobic system walking//jogging//cycliing//distance running
average blood pressure reading for a healthy adult is 120/80
average heart BPM for a healthy adult is 60-80 bpm
What is OBLA? The onset of blood lacate accumulation
The lactate threshold for untained people occurs around 50 - 60% of their VO2 max
The lactate threshold for endurance athletes can occur around 70 - 80% of their VO2 max
EPOC refers to excess post exercise oxygen consumption
EPOC is required to perform 3 tasks. What are they? Replacement of ATP Removal of lactic acid Replinishment of myoglobin with oxygen
What is the alactacid oxygen debt component? Fast component of recovery that converts ADP back into ATP & PC
What is the lactacid oxygen debt? The slow component of the recovery process that oxidises lactic acid into CO2 and H2O and converts Lactic acid into glycogen for storage
Restoration of muscle phosphagen stores takes place When exercise has finished
Lactacid oxygen recovery takes place As soon as lactic acid appears in the muscle cell
Anaerobic glycolysis takes place in the sarcoplasm of the muscle cell
Aerobic glycolysis takes place in the mitochondria
An equation which summarises the CP system ADP + CP - ATP + Creatine
strength uses which muscle fibres? white fast twitch
strength training uses which energy system lactic acid
endurance training use reps of 15-25 50-60% 1RM
endurance training uses which energy system? aerobic
which muscle fibres are used in endurance training? red slow twitch
Immediate muscle soreness is due to the effects of an increase in muscle acidity
muscular endurance training provides developmenht of red slow twitch muscle fibres//muscle tone//aerobic and LA energy systems//capillarisation increase in worked muscles//neuromuscluar efficiency//increase no and size mitochondria
Muscle soreness felt a day after activity is a result of structural damage within the muscle cell membranes
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