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Esperanto: Society

Esperanto society

apartamento apartment; flat
armeo army; regular army; ground forces
organizado arrangement; organization; organisation; system
aŭtoritato authority; authorization; potency; dominance; say-so
bazo base; base of operations
ekzistado being; beingness; existence
ĉefurbo capital
ĉelo cell; jail cell; prison cell
telefoncentralo central; telephone exchange; exchange
akuzo charge; complaint
metropolo city; metropolis; urban center
gildo club; social club
komisiono committee; commission
komunumo community
grupo company; companionship; fellowship
konkurado contest; competition
kosto cost
koncilio council
ruro country; state; land
tribunalo court; tribunal; judicature
krimo crime; offense; criminal offense; law-breaking
kulturo culture; civilization; civilisation
respubliko democracy; republic; commonwealth
sekcio department; section
edukado education
sperto experience
virino female
formularo form
regado government; authorities; regime
ĉefo head; chief; top dog
historio history
individuo individual
industrio industry; manufacture
institucio institution; establishment
reĝo king; male monarch; Rex
leĝo law
estro leader
forpermeso leave; leave of absence
masklo male; male person
kondukado management; direction
edzeco marriage; matrimony; union; spousal relationship; wedlock
membro member; fellow member
armeo military; armed forces; armed services; military machine; war machine
nacio nation; land; country
novaĵo news; intelligence; tidings; word
bruo noise; dissonance; racket
mendo order
ordeno order; monastic order
festo party
polico police; police force; constabulary; law
politiko policy
popolamaso populace; public; world
loĝantaro population
havo property; belongings; holding
puno punishment; penalty; penalization; penalisation
religio religion; faith; organized religion
fido religion; faith; religious belief
juro right
scienco science; scientific discipline
parto share; portion; part; percentage
socio society
bastono staff
ŝtato state
ŝtato state; province
stacio station
sukceso success
teamo team; squad
teknologio technology; engineering
titolo title
urbo town
unuiĝo union
uzanto user
vilaĝo village; hamlet
vilaĝo village; small town; settlement
rekompenco wages; reward; payoff
testamento will; testament
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