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Esperanto: Business

Esperanto business and commerce

kalkulo account; business relationship
reklamo ad; advertisement; advertising; advert
interkonsento agreement; understanding
fakturo bill; account; invoice
monbileto bill; note; government note; bank bill; banker's bill; bank note; banknote; Federal Reserve note; greenback
kapitalo capital; working capital
depago charge
ĉeko check; bank check; cheque
konkurenco competition
kontrakto contract
kliento customer; client
ekonomio economy; economic system
firmo firm; house; business firm
enspezo income
asekuro insurance
interezo interest
tasko job; task; chore
perdo loss
bazaro market; marketplace
mono money
profito net income; net; net profit; lucre; profit; profits; earnings
okupo occupation; business; job; line of work; line
oficejo office; business office
posedanto owner; possessor
kosto price; cost; toll
resto remainder; balance; residual; residue; residuum; rest
konkuranto rival; challenger; competitor; competition; contender
vendo sale
akcio share
vendejo shop; store
impostigo tax; taxation; revenue enhancement
komerco trade
Created by: garydale
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