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Esperanto: Anatomy

Esperanto anatomy

beko beak; bill; neb; nib; pecker
brako arm
brusto breast; chest
brusto thorax; chest; pectus
buŝo mouth; oral cavity; oral fissure; rima oris
ĉelo cell
cerbo brain; encephalon
dento tooth
dikfingro thumb; pollex
dorso back; dorsum
fingro finger
flugilo wing
frunto brow; forehead
geno gene; cistron; factor
genuo knee; knee joint; human knee; articulatio genus; genu
gorĝo throat; pharynx
haro hair; pilus
haroj hair
haŭto skin; tegument; cutis
kapo head; caput
kolo neck; cervix
koro heart; pump; ticker
kruro leg
lango tongue; lingua; glossa; clapper
lipo lip
mano hand; manus; mitt; paw
mentono chin; mentum
muskolo muscle; musculus
nazo nose; olfactory organ
nervo nerve; nervus
okulo eye; oculus; optic
orelo ear
osto bone; os
piedfingro toe
piedo foot; human foot; pes
sango blood
stomako stomach; tummy; tum; breadbasket
torso torso; trunk; body
ungo nail
vizaĝo face; human face
vosto tail
Created by: garydale