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Esperanto: Adverbs

Esperanto adverbs

ankaŭ besides; too; also; likewise; as well
ankoraŭ still
antaŭ ahead; in front; before
antaŭ earlier; before
antaŭen forward; forwards; frontward; frontwards; forrad; forrard
baldaŭ soon; shortly; presently; before long
bone well; good
certe surely; certainly; sure; for sure; for certain; sure enough; sure as shooting
ĉiam always; ever; e'er
ĉirkaŭ about; around
do therefore; hence; thence; thus; so
eble possibly; perchance; perhaps; maybe; mayhap; peradventure
ekster outside
en in; inwards; inward
ene inside; within
evidente obviously; evidently; manifestly; patently; apparently; plainly; plain
fojfoje sometimes
frue early on; early
ĝenerale by and large; generally; more often than not; mostly
ĝuste precisely; exactly; just
hodiaŭ today
iam once; one time; in one case
jam already
kial why
kiel equally; as; every bit
kune together
kutime normally; usually; unremarkably; commonly; ordinarily
lante slowly; slow; easy; tardily
laŭ along
malantaŭ behind
malfrue late; belatedly; tardily
malgraŭe however; nevertheless; withal; still; yet; all the same; even so; nonetheless; notwithstanding
malmulta little
malsupren down; downwards; downward; downwardly
momente immediately; instantly; straightaway; straight off; directly; now; right away; at once; forthwith; like a shot
morgaŭ tomorrow
ne not; non
nelge recently; late; lately; of late; latterly
nuntempe now; at present
nur merely; simply; just; only; but
ofte frequently; often; oftentimes; oft; ofttimes
poste subsequently; later; afterwards; afterward; after; later on
prefere preferably; sooner; rather
preskaŭ about; almost; most; nearly; near; nigh; virtually; well-nigh
proksimume approximately; about; close to; just about; some; roughly; more or less; around; or so
rapide quickly; rapidly; speedily; chop-chop; apace
ree again; once again; once more; over again
rekte directly; straight; direct
sole entirely; exclusively; solely; alone; only
speciale particularly; peculiarly; especially; specially
subite suddenly; all of a sudden; of a sudden
sufiĉe enough; plenty
super above; higher up; in a higher place; to a higher place
supren up; upwards; upward; upwardly
tia such
tiam then; so; and so; and then
tie there; at that place; in that location
tiel so
tre very; really; real; rattling
unue first; firstly; foremost; first of all; first off
vere actually; really
vere truly; genuinely; really
verŝajne probably; likely; in all likelihood; in all probability; belike
Created by: garydale