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Esperanto: Abstract

Esperanto abstract words and expressions

adreso address
ago act; deed; human action; human activity
aĵo matter; affair; thing
aldono addition; add-on; improver
alteco altitude; height
alternativo option; alternative; choice
amplekso scope; range; reach; orbit; compass; ambit
antaŭaĵo front; front end; forepart
apogo support
ascendo rise; rising; ascent; ascension
aspekto aspect
atako attack; onslaught; onset; onrush
atingodistanco range; reach
atributo feature; characteristic
avantaĝo advantage; vantage
batalado fight; fighting; combat; scrap
bato hit; hitting; striking
bezono need; demand
celo finish; destination; goal
danĝero danger
defendo defense; defence; defense force; defence force
detruo destruction; devastation
devo duty
deziro wish; wishing; want
diferenco difference
eksplodo outburst; burst; flare-up
elekto choice; selection; option; pick
esenco kernel; substance; core; center; centre; essence; gist; heart; heart and soul; inwardness; marrow; meat; nub; pith; sum; nitty-gritty
esplorado inquiry; enquiry; research
esploro research
evento event
fakto fact
falo spill; tumble; fall
fendeto crack; cleft; crevice; fissure; scissure
fino end; terminal
flegado care; attention; aid; tending
forto force; forcefulness; strength
forto might; mightiness; power
frapo blow
glito skid; slip; sideslip
grupo group; grouping
halto stop; halt
inĝenierarto engineering; engineering science; applied science; technology
jes yes
karaktero quality; character; lineament
kaŭzo cause
komenco beginning; commencement; first; outset; get-go; start; kickoff; starting time; showtime; offset
komparo comparison; comparing
kondiĉo condition; status
konduto demeanor; demeanour; behavior; behaviour; conduct; deportment
kresko increase; increment; growth
kuracado treatment; handling
kvalito quality
kvieteco silence; quiet
laboro work
laboro work; piece of work
listo list; listing
loko topographic point; place; spot
malfacileco difficulty
malo reverse; contrary; opposite
marko marker; marking; mark
mezuro measure; step
modo vogue; trend; style
ne no
nombro amount
oferto offer; offering
okazo event; case
okazo opportunity; chance
operacio operation
paco peace
parto part; portion; component part; component; constituent
paŭzo respite; recess; break; time out
peco slice; piece
peno attempt; effort; endeavor; endeavour; try
peno effort; elbow grease; exertion; travail; sweat
personeco personality
piedbato kick; boot; kicking
plano plan; program; programme
plejparto majority; bulk
plezuro pleasure; pleasance
pliigo increase; increment
povo ability; power
povo power; powerfulness
problemo trouble; problem
produktado production
programo program; programme; computer program; computer programme
propono proposal
propono suggestion; proposition; proffer
raporto report; study; written report
reago reaction
rekordo record
respondeco responsibility; responsibleness
rideto smile; smiling; grin; grinning
ripozo rest; ease; repose; relaxation
ruzo trick
salto leap; jump; saltation
ŝanĝo change; alteration; modification
sano health
sereneco repose; quiet; placidity; serenity; tranquillity; tranquility
situacio situation; state of affairs
ŝoko daze; shock; stupor
sono audio; sound
speco kind; sort; form; variety
speco type
substituo substitution; exchange; commutation
supro acme; height; elevation; peak; pinnacle; summit; superlative; meridian; tiptop; top
surprizo surprise
tasko undertaking; project; task; labor
tendenco tendency; trend
trejnado training; preparation; grooming
truo hole
tuŝo touch; touching
tutaĵo whole
utilo advantage; reward
vizito visit
volo volition; will
la the
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