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Rhys App Gruffudd

Hy1 Rebellions

What was the motivation behind the incident with Rhys Ap Gruffudd? the motivation behind the incident was political, the fight over power.
What was Wales divided into? Wales was divided into the principality and the Marcher Lordships.
Who ruled the Principality and the Marcher Lordships? Principality was ruled by the English crown, the marcher Lordships were independent under the rule of English lords.
What was the situation in the Marcher Lordships like by 1485? By 1485, the situation in the Marcher Lordships was not acceptable to the crown. Wales was lawless and the lords encouraged this to in crease their power.
How did the crown encourage criminals in Wales? The crown encouraged the situation in Wales to increase their power by allowing criminals to escape justice protection and by not holding courts. by fining their tenant to make money and encouraging family feuds. they also collected protection money.
How did Henry try to deal with the situation in the country? Henry took a number of steps to weaken the Marcher Lordships, however the country was still lawless.
What was Henry VIII's plan when he came to the throne? When Henry VIII came to the throne, he was determined to cut down the power of the Marcher Lordships which led to the execution of the two most powerful lords in Wales, the Duke of Buckingham and Rhys Ap Gruffudd.
Who was Rhys Ap Gruffudd? Rhys Ap Gruffudd was the grandson of Rhys Ap Thomas, but Henry VIII refused to give the same powers as Rhys Ap Thomas to him.
Who did Henry VIII give the power to instead? The title of Chamberlain of Cardigan and Carmarthen was given to Lord Ferrars (1525)
What did Rhys do four years later? Four years later, Rhys was involved in disturbance at Carmarthen due to his disappointment and Ferrars attitude to him.
How did Henry deal with Rhys? Rhys was imprisoned, his wife Katherine organised an attempt to release him which failed.
What happened to Rhys in 1529? In 1529, Rhys was released after both he and Ferrars were both disciplined for the incident.
What happened to him during 1530-1531? Rhys wanted revenge on Ferrars, and he was imprisoned in the tower (1530-1531) until his release because of ill health.
What did Rhys do after his release? After his release he foolishly plotted against the king, was imprisoned, tried and executed for treason in December 1531.
What was the real reason behind his execution? Little evidence against Rhys and it has been suggested that Henry executed him because of his powerful position as Marcher Lord and the fact he was critical of Anne Boleyn.
What was the government's reaction? Complaints that Wales was not in control prompted a serious of events leading to the destruction of the Marcher Lordships.
Who was appointed as president of the council of Wales? Rowland Lee was appointed as president of the Council of Wales and was hugely successful at controlling Wales.
What was improved and what new things were introduced as the result of the destruction? Law and Order was improved, Marcher Lordships had no power and JP's were introduced.
How were the Marcher Lordships destroyed? Act of union 1536-42 destroyed the power of Marcher Lordships and brought order to Wales.
what was the reasons for Failure? The power of the Marcher Lords had already been cut down by Henry VII.
What were the Welsh attitude towards the Tudors? The welsh were loyal to the Tudors.
Was it actually a rebellion? It was more of an individual Feud (Rhys and Ferrars, Rhys and Henry VIII) than an actual rebellion.
Who was involved? No involvement of Common or Gentry which shows that it was not actually a rebellion as important people were not supporting the rebellion.
Where was the rebellion centred? It was only centred in Carmarthen which shows that it was not actually a big rebellion.
Did the rebellion threat anyone? Henry and London were not threatened.
Created by: rosemayz
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