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Test Ch.12

6th Ancient Histry

The bishop of the church of Rome was called Pope
The religious leaders during the middle ages Clergy
One duty of the religious leaders was to direct certain ceremonies called Sacraments
Monks lived in these isololated from the outside world Monastaries
Women who devoted their lives to the Roman Church were called Nuns
He was a great king who awakened his empire to learning. He began schools for boys from both noble and poor families Charlemagne
He was the son of Charles Martel and called himself a Carolingian King. He is best known for making an alliance with the Church of Rome, giving them Papal States Pepin the Short
He reformed the legal system of England, creating a court system that included juries Henry II
He started the Merovingian line of kings, who were weak in their rule Clovis
He was hired by Charlemagne to develop a new system of handwriting. It became the basis of our own handwriting system Alcuin
He also went by the nickname "the Hammer". He led an army against the Muslims and defeated them at the city of Tours Charles Martel
A boy who went at age seven to live in a nobleman's castle to learn horemanship and fighting skills was a Page
A code of behavior that taught knights to be generous, loyal, brave, and protective of women was called Chivalry
The battle for the English monarchy that took place in 1066 and was won by William of Normandy was the Battle of Hastings
A fourteen-year-old boy who helped his master dress, accompanied his master on hunts or into battles, and continued lessons in fighting was a Squire
The game that involved one knight knocking the other off his horse with a blunt lamce was Jousting
What are manors? Farms
What is fief? Land
A promise of faithfulness and loyalty Fealty
What are serfs? Peasants
What is a vassal? Servant
What is a Lord? Owner of a manor
Medieval priests thought that sacraments would give salvation. How is this different from what the Bible teaches? (You will need to write the answer to this out on the test) The Bible teaches that salvation comes from grace through the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross. Salvations does not come from works as the Roman Catholic use of sacraments suggests
Explain what trial by ordeal was. ( You will need to write the answer to this question out on the test) A person's innocence was often determined by dangerous methods, such as throwing a tied person into deep water. If he floated, he was guilty. If he sank, he was innocent.
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