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chapter 28

chapter 28 fighting the persian wars

introduction this chapter is going to be about the Persian wars and who one them.this takes place in 499 and 479 bce
the persian empire and the ionian revolt Persians conqured the ionian revolt and the Ionians didnt like it so they asked the spartans for help and had a war.Ionians won
the battle of marathon:a stunning victory the persians were sent on boat to greece and the greeks attacked from left and right sides to kill the persians.it took a few days until the greeks won a stunning victory
cavalry soldiers who ride on horses
the battle of thermopylae the bravery of the 300 the persians against the spatans who had 300 soldiers, and all 300 soldiers fought until their weapons broke.the persians won
the battle of salamis:the navy to the rescue the athens set a trap on the persians.the athens leader wanted to fight their navy in a narrow channals between the islands and the mainland.the persians fell for the trick and lost the war
the battle of plataea:the end of persians wars the spartans led the fight against the persians in a feirce battle outside of plataea. the spartans won the war
chapter summary this chapter was about the athens and the spartans joining to battle against the persians
Created by: alikat