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Head of the Scotty dog? T.P
Eye of Scotty dog? Pedicle
Ear of Scotty dog? S.A.P
Foreleg of Scotty dog? I.A.P
Hind leg of Scotty dog? Contralateral I.A.P
Body of Scotty dog? Lamina and S.P
Function of Tectorial Membrane? Prevents the Dens from compressing the spinal cord
Tectorial Membrane has ________ fibers in the cranial attachment and ________ located near it's attachment to the dens. Elastic, Collagen
Alar Ligament (check ligament) prevents excessive ____________ of the head. Rotation
Function of Apical Ligament? Stabilize the Dens
The vertebral artery & vein and C1 spinal nerve enters through this ligament. Posterior Atlanto-Occipital Ligament
Function of Posterior Atlanto-Axial ligament? Resists excessive flexion
This ligament is a strong fibroelastic membrane ligament that prevents excessive flexion of the head and neck(fan shaped). Nuchal Ligament
This ligament is the continuation of the Supraspinous Ligament. Superficial Posterior Sacrococcygeal Ligament
This ligament is the continuation of the Posterior Longitudinal Ligament Deep posterior sacrococcygeal Ligament
What ligament is the strongest ligament between the sacrum and ilium? Interosseous Sacroiliac Ligament
Tearing of a ligament is called ____________. Sprain
Tearing of a muscle is called ____________. Strain
What is Lumberization? Condition in which S1 is NOT fuse with S2
What is Sacralization? Condition is which L5 is fused with S1
The most commonly know type of force to tear a ligament is? Tensile force
What is the neural innervations for Z-joints? (KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION!!!) Medial branch of dorsal rami
What forms the nucleus pulposus? Notochord
What forms the spinal cord? Neural Tube
Name of the growth center epiphysis? Triradiate (Y) carilage
How many stages of Chondrification are there and what do they consist of? 4 stages, consist of: R/L half of the centrum and R/L half of the neural arch
How many primary ossification centers are there and what do they consist of? 3, Centrum and R/L half of the neural arch
How many secondary centers of ossification are there and what do they consist of? 9, Consist of 2 SAP, 2 IAP, 2 TP's, 1 SP, Top and Bottom vertebral body.
What are the 3 main structures of Embryological Development of the Spinal Column? Notochord, Somites, Sclerotomes
What do somites differentiate/change into? Dermatomes, Myotomes, Sclerotomes
What are Dermatomes? Connective tissue and Skin (derims) over the back
What are Myotomes? Muscles of the axial skeleton
What are Sclerotomes? everthing else....(vertebral body, vertebral arch, ribs etc).
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