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Andrew history test

Yea nikola this is mine

Frontier An undeveloped area
Comstock lode A huge deposit of gold and silver in nevada that began being called the ______
Boomtown A community that suddenly opened when a mine opened
Cattle Kingdom A boom of cattle from texas to canada
cattle drive a long dangerous journey on which cowboys herded cattle
Chisholm trail Ran from san antonio texas yo the cattle town of abilene kansas
Pony express a system of men on horseback that began to carry messages west.
Transcontinental railroad a railroad that would cross the continent and connect it from east to west.
Treaty of fort laramie the first (major) treaty between the plain indians and the goverment
Reservations Areas of federal land set aside for indians
Treaty of medecine lodge most southern plains indians agreed to live on reservations
Crazy horse An indian who fought in little big horn
Buffalo soldiers Troops mostly including african americans
George armstrong custer found gold in the black hills of dakota and was killed in little big horn
Sitting bull a leader of the lakota sioux
Battle of little big horn Sioux forces led by crazy horse and sitting bull surrounding and defeating custer and his men
Massacre at wounded knee us army shot and killed about 150 sioux at ______________ was the last major incident on the great plains
Long Walk On this 300-mile march navajo indians were forced to walk across the desert to a reservation bosque redondo new mexico
Ghost dance a paiute indian named wovoka mad e a religious movement that predicted paradise for indians
Dawes general alottment act tried to lessen traditional influences on the indian society by making the land private instead of shared
sarah winnemucca called for reform
Homestead act gave goverment owned land to small farmers
morril act granted over 17 m acres from the goverment to the states
Exodusters southerners(mostly African Americans) that made a mass exodus from the south
sodbusters People who broke up sod
Dry farming a method of farming that didnt focus on water
Annie bidwell found chico california and supported womens suffrage
national grange a social and educational organization
Deflation a decrease in money supply and overall prices
william bryan supported free silver coinage
Created by: Nikola