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CC-The Amendments

Classical Conversations of Kinston-The Amendments

1. 5 Freedoms: Speech, Press, Religion, Petition, and Assembly
2. Right to bear and keep arms
3. Quartering of troops
4. Limiting right of search and seizure
5. Trial by jury guaranteed; private property respected; no self-incrimination
6. Rights of accused persons
7. Rules of common law
8. Excessive bail, fines, and punishment prohibited
9. Rights retained by the people
10. Powers reserved to states and people
11. Limiting Powers of federal courts
12. Election of President and Vice President separated
13. Abolition of slavery
14. Citizenship defined
15. Right to vote not denied by race, color, or slavery
16. Income tax
17. Direct election of senators
18. National prohibition
19. Women's suffrage
20. Beginning of Presidential/Congressional terms (Lame Duck)
21. Repealed prohibition
22. Two term limit for Presidency
23. Electoral College
24. No poll tax
25. Succession to the Presidency
26. Voting age becomes 18
27. Salaries of Senators and Representatives take effect after election
Created by: Sydnelou