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WH Ch 15 Q


List the 3 reasons the quint dynasty declined ? The west interfere ,gov corrupt, famine caused population growth.
Opium wars what happened? Results ? China only allows silver for payment.( England hates it ) England sells drugs(opium to china).
Treaty of nanjing ? 3 things. 5 ports to trade. No tax on imports ,they get hong kong, pay for war.
Why tai ping rebellion? Peasants nationalist, democratic.
How many people fied in the tai ping rebellion ? Lasted ? 20million people. Deadlier war in history, lasted do 14?years.
100 days of reform ? How was it stopes ? Free education, better malitary , woman's rights. Xiao ping put a prison by atxici.
Open door policy? Who started it? Everybody can trade in china.
Boxers ? What did they do ?S How they are stopped? society of harmonious fists,hated foreigners,stooped by 6 army s 20,00 tropes.
Problem did Yat-sen and nationalists have with foreigners in chin? they changed chinese culture. family to individual.
Yuan in control what's happens ? How does son fix it ? Where does sun end up ? the gov falls, communists take over,sun goes to japan to hide.
Western culture impact china after 1900? people are more self less family oriented,eastern culture focused on family.
2 reasons perry wentti Japan ? better treatment of ship recked sailors ,to open trade wit japs.
Meiji Restoration? japan reform gov ,education,military.
What was the 1st jap constation minded after? germanys.
How did Jap edu, military, and women rights change ? edu-universal mil-stronger rights- better rights
When jap starts to emperlize what areas does it take? Taiwan take other islands
What is the gentlements agreement? no more jap in the us.
Created by: 123nate
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