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history test part 1

imperialism a nations direct or indirect control over the government or economy of other usually smaller or weaker nations
militarism fascination with war and the military
conscription enrollment into military service by force, military draft
rationing system of limiting the amounts of food and materials used
propoganda controlled spread of biased information to influence what people think
blockade use of warships to stop goods and people from leaving or entering an area
armistice agreement to endfighting, cease
reparation payments made to the winner of the war for damages
mandate formal order
nationalism a system of government where people have intense love and respect for ones country
trench warfare when both sides dug trenches and fought from underground tunnels, this made the war longer
lisitania a british cruise ship sunk by German u-boats without warning
league of nations a group of representatives from each country working together
Sun Yat-sen founded the nationalist party, was a young medical doctor
Franz Ferdinand his assassination started WWI
Nicholas II ruled with total power. The people later overthrew him
Wilhelm II German who broke off Germanys relationship with Russia
Vittorio Orlando prime minister of Italy who sided with the allies in WWI
Woodrow Wilson 28th president of the U.S., tried to keep the U.S. neutral
David Lloyd George was a French premier involved with the Treaty of Versailles
Vladmir Lenin was the leader of the Bolsheviks
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