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extra territorility europeans lived in thier own sectiens and were subject not to chinese laws but to their own laws.
self strangthening meant that china should adopt western technelogy while keeping its confuclan values.
spheres of influence areas where the imperral powers had exlusive trading rights.
Indemnity a payment for damages to the powers that had crushed the uprising.
provinical legiglatine assemblies were formed
concessions the the military superrority of the USA and recommended conessions
commodities marketable products as oil, copper, salt, tea, and procelain had appeared.
perfectures the lords were given goverment bonds and were named governors of the territerres formerly under there control.
chang jians nanjig, the oing dynasty mode peace.
guangzhou european morchants, however, were restricted to small trading oulet.
hong kong china also greed to give the british this island.
hong xiuquon a christian conreit who viewed himself as a younger brother of jesus.
guang xi launched a massive reform program based on changes in japan.
empress dowager she became a dommat force at court and opposed the emperosis reforms.
john hay persented a proposal that ensured equal access to the chinese market for all nations and preseived the unity of the chinese empire.
open door policy reflected american concern of the surred of china
sun yat-sen formed the revie china socitety.
henry pu yi chinas last emperar
general yan shigui suns party had neither the military her the politied strength to form a new goverment the party formed to turn to a member of the old order.
shanha and wuhan became major industiral and commeral centers with a gravy middle class
matthew perry arrived in edo bay
kyoto sunto called his reagh the mejior englightend kule.
ito hiroburni studied the USA britain france germanys govermant.